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Physical Education

Inspire all students to participate in and enjoy a broad and balanced PE curriculum, whilst recognising the importance of a lifelong healthy, active lifestyle. We aim to provide students wider opportunities to participate in sport both recreationally and competitively, whilst also enabling clear, personalised pathways and qualifications for students to pursue careers in the field of Sport & PE.


What will students study in Physical Education?
View the Physical Education Learning Journey below:

Curriculum Overviews

Year 7 Games Curriculum Overview

Year 8 Games Curriculum Overview

Year 9 Games Curriculum Overview

Year 10 Games Curriculum Overview

Year 11 Games Curriculum Overview


Year 10 PE Curriculum Overview

Year 10 BTEC Sport Curriculum Overview

Year 10 BTEC Dance Curriculum Overview

Year 11 PE Curriculum Overview

Year 11 BTEC Sport Curriculum Overview

Year 11 BTEC Dance Curriculum Overview

Year 12 PE Curriculum Overview

Year 12 BTEC Sport Curriculum Overview

Year 12 BTEC Dance Curriculum Overview


Year 13 PE Curriculum Overview

Year 13 BTEC Sport Curriculum Overview

Year 13 BTEC Dance Curriculum Overview

Exam Boards