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Family Support

At North Leamington School, we have a dedicated Family Support Team who work holistically with the entire family to improve our students' education and life chances. We understand that problems beyond the classroom affect a student’s ability to be in school and ready to learn. Working with the family around the student is the most effective way to make tangible, sustainable and positive change.

To ensure children can do their best in education, we are here to support the whole family with any issues they are facing. This could include issues with housing, concerns about money, or support with family relationships. Our Family Support Workers listen so that they understand the full picture, and then work with families to get a personalised plan in place. The plan might include:

  • Providing support with housing or benefits issues
  • Helping to improve family relationships and enhance parenting skills
  • Helping parents/carers work more closely with other staff at school including their children’s teachers
  • Actively engaging the family to access other useful services
  • Providing support to the children in school
  • Opening an Early Help for to support families with multiple agencies involved.

Family Support Team 

IEN Lead Family Support

Dina Mistry

Contact details;

Tel: 01926 338711 

Family Support Worker

Jessica Lignier

Contact details;

Tel: 01926 338711 

To request family support 

Please see our referral form for our family support service in school here
Once you have completed the form, the family support team will be in touch within 3 working days.

Family support websites that you may also find useful are:

Family Support Update- Summer 2

Family Support Update- Summer 2 A big thank you to all those who attended our first community coffee morning. We have received excellent feedback and have booked our next one for 22 September 2022 at Lillington Primary School.  Whilst we are encouraging Primary School Parents to come along, all NLS parents are invited to also access the support and expert…


We understand that each family is unique and is made up of different people, with different needs and behaviours. Often family members are a source of support, love and encouragement but sometimes these relationships are put under pressure through a variety of issues i.e. divorce or separation, or when siblings are not getting on, which can lead to the family not always getting on well with each other. Blending a new family can be challenging and can take time for everyone to settle.   

Whatever the reason, when life is tough we are here to support you, or we can connect you to the right people who can help you.

Some useful organisations who can offer information and guidance on relationships:

Relate:- Can offer support and information for all relationships. They offer counselling for individuals and couples, Family Counselling, Mediation, Children and Young People's Counselling.

Care for the Family:-  Is a national charity who aims to strengthen family life and to help those who face family difficulties.

Young Carers:- Can support children and young people who care for a family member or a friend who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction


Parenting can be a tough job but we are here to support you.  Simple things like friendship groups and/or more complex issues like drug misuse, can have an effect on your relationship with your child. We can support you directly offering positive parenting sessions, Triple P and signpost you to other parenting programmes that Warwickshire County Council offer.  Some of these are group based programmes and run for a number of weeks. They help build on what you already know as a parent and support you to find positive ways of dealing with challenging behaviour.

We can open up an Early Help for when your family needs a multi-agency approach to ensure that support is being offered at the right time by the right professionals.   Through the Early Help we can access services like targeted youth and Life Space mentoring.

As Family Support Workers, we can support you with referrals practically or with listening visits so that you have someone to talk to. Sometimes just being listened to and reassured in your decisions as a parent can make all the difference. We can also support with school processes and safeguarding procedures if necessary. You may have to attend meetings in the school or with other agencies which can be daunting, we can attend with you or go through the procedure so that you feel more prepared.

Here are some organisations who can also help:-

Parenting Project: - Are a voluntary organisation, providing support services for children and young people from 0-19 years (25 years SEND) and their parents/carers

Warwickshire County Council: - Family support helpline and face to face consultations, to speak to a family support worker over the telephone, call 01926 412412, Monday to Friday between 9am - 4pm.

Children and Family Centres in Warwickshire:-

Family Information Service:- Provide information, advice and one-to-one support for families with children and young people aged 0 to 25 across Warwickshire on issues including, family relationships, finance, housing, parenting support, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), childcare and health and wellbeing

Phone:- 01926 742274

Parenting Courses:- Free parenting courses available throughout Warwickshire.



If you find yourself in a housing crisis, whether this be unexpected or planned and you find yourself homeless or threatened with eviction, as a tenant you have rights and there is help for you. Some people find themselves in rent arrears and are struggling financially. We can support you in finding the appropriate help as everyone needs a safe place to live.

If you decided to leave an abusive relationship and need safe accommodation, we can support you to get in touch with organisations that will do this.

Other housing issues that you may need support with are overcrowding, landlord disputes, debt, repossession and claiming Housing Benefit. There are organisations out there that can help, including your local Job centre.

It can be difficult knowing where to start, but that is where we can help. Below are links of local and national organisations that can give you more information.

Warwick District Housing:- Support and advice can be offered related to housing or eviction or homelessness

Shelter:- For free advice and guidance on your rights as a tenant and housing support.

P3 Charity:- Warwickshire floating support in the community for adults who need help and advice with their housing situation.


Money can be a huge source of stress for families and debt can really impact on your quality of life and relationships. There are organisations that can support with debt issues including budgeting and paying off existing debt.

If you find yourself out of work or unable to work, we can support you with benefit claims and together we can find out what benefits you are entitled to claim and support with paperwork. There are organisations like the FIS brokerage service who are able to help you if you are a carer or have an illness or disability that may be impacting on your finances and ability to provide for yourself and your family.

There may be times when some people find themselves with a temporary problem, perhaps where benefits are being re-assessed or you have an unexpected bill to pay. We can help with things like food bank vouchers, so that you can feed yourself and your family during this period.

Below are links to local and national organisations that can give more information about money worries.

GOV.UK:- information of all available benefits and a benefit calculator.

Citizens Advice South Warwickshire:- Support and advice around benefits and debt advice and support

Job Centre:- For universal credits claims and support.

Act on Energy - Support and advice on fuel debts and managing energy bills


It can be daunting for families and can cause major stress when you are unsure of what is required of you, when talking or writing to authorities and/or organisations which are there to help you.  As Family Support Workers, we can sit with you privately and go over any issues of your family situation and support you in presenting your case to those who are asking the tough questions.

Having a familiar and friendly face with you can be a huge support during such times, especially in stressful meetings. We are happy to meet to support with paperwork, then go along with you, as needed, to ensure all your points are clearly communicated. We can help make sense of questions and patiently explain, in easily understood words, what is required.

However, we are not legally qualified and cannot give you legal advice.

For more targeted support here are some useful links that will be useful:-

Warwickshire County Council:- For advocacy for adults and children

Citizens Advice

HAF Information

Our HAF (Holiday Activities and Food Programme) booking programme is now live and more details can be found here

Domestic Abuse Helpline and Refuge

Refuge Domestic Violence and Abuse Service is a countywide service offering help and support to women, men and children experiencing domestic violence in Warwickshire. They have a 24-hour national helpline, safe house accommodation, advocacy and outreach support. Drop-in sessions are provided around the county.

 If you live in Warwickshire, you can call 0800 408 1552 to speak to a support worker.