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To ensure students fulfil their potential as resilient mathematicians, whilst finding the subject an ENJOYABLE and ENRICHING experience.    The subject of Mathematics allows students to develop:

  1. Their ability to understand complex ideas and apply new learning to solve problems where mistakes and less efficient methods are viewed as part of their learning journey.
  2. Critical thinking – using logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of proposed solutions.  Students should also be able to understand the importance of a step by step approach when considering new ideas.
  3. Lifelong Learning – to be able to apply their maths skills in a range of different real life contexts and careers.

What will students study in Maths?

View the Maths Learning Journey below:


Curriculum Overview

The documents linked below provide a summary of the curriculum delivered in each year for this subject area.

Year 7 Curriculum Overview Maths

Year 8 Curriculum Overview Maths

Year 9 Curriculum Overview Maths

Year 10 Curriculum Overview Maths

Year 11 Curriculum Overview Maths

Year 12 Curriculum Overview Maths

Year 13 Curriculum Overview Maths

Year 12 Curriculum Overview Further Maths

Year 13 Curriculum Overview Further Maths

Exam Boards