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JCQ Information for Candidates

Exams are run in line with JCQ regulations to ensure the integrity and security of the examination/assessment system is always maintained and not brought into disrepute.

Candidates are informed of these regulations during assemblies, tutor time and through correspondence, and they sign a form in school to confirm they have read and understood them.

All the documents are available below:

NLS Letter to Exam Candidates- November 2021

NLS Instructions for Exam Candidates 2021-22

JCQ Information for Candidates

JCQ Exam Room Posters

Summer 2021 - Certificates

Certificates will be available to sign for and collect from the school from w/c 6 December 2021.

For those ex-students who paid for the RM signed for postal service, certificates will be posted out via recorded delivery from 1 December.

Y12 students in the Sixth Form will be able to sign for and collect their certificates from the Mezzanine during break times on 1 & 2 December.

If a student is unable to sign for and collect their certificates in person, they can email authorising a named person to sign for and collect them on their behalf.

Summer 2022 – NLS Exam Timetable

Please view the NLS Exam Timetable for the Summer 2022 exam series. Please refer to the key at the bottom of the document for further information.

The practical exams and MFL speaking tests will be scheduled from March to May. The written exams start on Monday 9 May until Tuesday 28 June 2022.

Please note the Exam Contingency Day is on Wednesday 29 June 2022 – ALL candidates must remain available up to and including this date.

Please view an update from Ofqual for Summer exams here

What to do if your child cannot attend an exam or experiences difficulties

In the unlikely event there is a situation where a student cannot attend an exam or is experiencing difficulties through no fault of their own then we ask:

  • Parents/Carers to phone into school before 8:30am if a student is unable to attend on the day explaining the reason why. With regards to COVID-19, students are expected to follow the Public Health Guidance below.
  • Where a student is able to attend exams but is impacted by something such as injury, family bereavement etc please inform the exams team as soon as possible by emailing

The Exams team will then be in touch to discuss how we can support and to liaise regarding any paperwork and evidence that would be needed if it was appropriate to make a request for special consideration to the awarding body, in line with the guidance. A full version of which can be found here.

The awarding of special consideration for circumstances at the time of the assessment is at the discretion of the awarding body. This only usually goes some way to compensating for any situation, rather than necessarily replicating their full capability. Wherever possible, it is usually in the best interest of a student to sit the examination.

All examinations measure what a student knows and can do at the time of the assessment, and awarding bodies do not consider longer term circumstances that may have prevented a student from reaching the standards they may otherwise have achieved.

COVID-19 guidance:

Y10 Progression Exams

Please see the information below to support the progression exam process.

  • Students will receive a personalised timetable with seat numbers and rooms after May half term.
  • Morning exams – go to the canteen at 8:45am
  • Afternoon exams – eat lunch then report to the canteen at 12:50pm. The exception to this is art/photography/textiles where you should go straight to the classroom.
  • Equipment/rules for mock examinations need to be followed
  • All students not in assessments will go to normal lessons. These may need to be re-roomed in some cases and this information will be sent out via tutors and placed on the exam noticeboards.
  • Once an assessment is complete and students are dismissed they should return to their normal timetabled lessons or breaks.
  • MFL Speaking exams will take place throughout the final half term of the year and students will receive an individual time and instructions.
  • Art and Photography will take place on Monday 11 July. Art at 9am, and Photography at 1pm, for 2 hours 



Y12 Progression Exams

Year 12 progression exams are set to take place during the week 27 June- 1 July 2022.

Students will receive a personalised timetable with seat numbers and rooms on, after May half term.

For morning exams, students need to arrive promptly in the canteen at 8:45am. For afternoon exams, lunch should be eaten at 12:20 onwards and arrival to the canteen to register at 12:50. Students will receive an assembly to remind them of all the rules regarding exam arrangements. Students not in assessments will go to normal lessons. These may need to be re-roomed in some cases. Once an assessment is complete and students are dismissed they should return to their normal timetabled lessons or study period.

These exams are a good benchmark for students’ progress and will form part of the basis in deciding and confirming predicted UCAS grades.

Over the course of the year in tutor time, students have been given advice on revision skills, timetables, advice and wellbeing, which will all accumulate in preparation for what can be an anxious or stressful time for some. Mrs Thomas, our Sixth Form Study & Welfare officer is also available for students to book an appointment with if they need additional help with their revision planning or in helping to manage any anxiety they may be feeling.


Week 2

Mon 27 June

Tues 28  June

Weds 29 June

Thurs 30 June

Fri 1 July

P1 +2

Y12 Computing (2h30)


Y12 Geography (1h30)


Y12 Physics (2h)


Y12 Chemistry (2h)


Y12 History (2h15


Y12 Media (2h15)


Y12 PE (1h30)

No exams scheduled

Y12 English Literature (2h30)


Y12 Further Maths (2h)


Y12 Sociology (2h15)



Break for all students as normal


Lessons as normal

P4a 12:20

Lunch for all students with an afternoon assessment.

P4b 12:50


Y12 Business (2h)

Y12 RE (2h)


Y12 Maths (2h)

No exams scheduled

Y12 Psychology (2h)


Y12 Biology (2h)



If you have any queries please contact the Exams Officer: