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Reward and recognition is at the heart of what we do at North Leamington School. We have 5 levels of reward points:

  • R1s are the points students receive for day-to-day positives. The categories that students receive these for include a range of behaviours such as world class basics, working well in lessons and eco-friendly behaviour. Parents are informed via G4S.
  • R2s are rewarded for students who go above and beyond in the classroom. Students receive R2s for a range of behaviours including collaboration, student leadership and acts of kindness. Parents are informed via G4S.
  • R3s are rewarded for outstanding contributions to the classroom. Students receive a postcard with the reason for their R3 and parents are informed via G4S.
  • R4s recognise exceptional contribution to school life and are rewarded by Year Leads, Faculty Leads and SLT. Students receive a letter home and G4S is updated.
  • An R5 is the Head Teacher Award. Students receive a letter home and G4S is updated.

Our Year 8 Reward Leaders drive our rewards in school. They help with all aspects of rewards at school, from supporting events to designing the reward system.

Celebration Assembly

We hold a termly celebration assembly where we celebrate students’ successes at the end of each data drop. The different areas of recognition are:

  • Attitude Towards Learning
  • Achievement
  • Attainment
  • Reward Points
  • Tutor Contribution
  • Year Commendation

Student voice and rewards

As part of our student voice, we asked students in each year group what they would like out of their reward system; this is bespoke to each year group.

At the end of each term, there is now going to be a celebration event for students who are the top of their year group’s rewards table. These events are either year group specific or whole-school. Students will receive a physical invitation and parents and carers will be informed via groupcall.

All year groups will have specific prizes, based on their total reward points:

  • Year 7-10 will have a 1st – 3rd place prize termly.
  • Year 11 prizes will be linked to prom.
  • Year 12 and 13 will have 1st – 3rd place prizes and prizes linked to the canteen.


Rewards Trophy

Each year, we see our five colleges compete for the rewards trophy! The students are provided with a weekly update as to their college’s position in school. This is driven through the tutor groups, which are college based.

This Week's Reward Points- week ending 24/06/22- points are for SummerTerm 2022 so far: