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  • Year 7 Update- Summer 1

    Published 24/05/22

    Year 7s continue to shine at NLS

    I have now officially completed my ninth academic year as Binswood’s College Leader and more recently Year 7 Lead. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. The students this year have managed to develop their year ethos to a whole new level. They continue to be supportive, honest, display integrity, never giving up in the face of daily challenges and more importantly, they are enthusiastic. We have some fantastic students in year 7 that are already demonstrating the key attributes allowing them to be incredible life-long learners, however, my job is to ensure that I help to instil the confidence they need to believe that they can achieve anything.

    I have had a superb set of Tutors this year, who have supported me and the students on their journey. They have continued to promote the school ethos through the VT curriculum as well as during structured learning conversations. It is for that reason that I believe they have a pivotal role in the outcome of our students’ attitude to learning levels, consequences, as well as their academic progress. 

    I am extremely proud to inform you that year 7s currently have the highest number of reward points in the school, as well as either achieving higher or maintaining their ‘Attitude to Learning’ levels on average each term. It is with ease that I can confidently state that together we have achieved an incredible amount this year, ranging from displaying infallible commitment and dedication to the range of charity events that have taken place throughout the year. We have managed to exhibit tremendous team spirit in the tutor groups and celebration assemblies. It has recently been announced that year 7 will be working collectively to compete in this year’s Maths Bee, this will demonstrate their academic profile of the year group, but also their ability to work collaboratively as a team. There are a plethora of events that have occurred this year that have made me incredibly proud to be the Year 7 Leader. There are going to be some changes with regards to my team come September and I will inform you of those changes when I have had confirmation. It is the passion and determination of our students that allows me to believe that we are the leading year group at NLS.



    I am pleased to announce that Jason N has the highest reward points this half-term, accumulating a total of 62 points. Closely on Jason’s heals were Dan M and Evie P.  All of the students listed below have proceeded to show resilience, engagement, leadership, acts of kindness, creativity and have made outstanding contributions in lesson time.


    Jason N
    Daniel M
    Evie P
    Edouard S
    Alexis F
    Ava T 
    Lilly B
    Dean L
    Arun J
    Max R

    This is a fantastic accomplishment for these particular students. I personally think that this shows how hardworking students and the number of potential leaders we have in our year 7 cohort. I couldn’t be more proud.

    From the beginning of the year Will K has always been within the top 5 with regards to the reward points he has accumulated throughout the year. However, I am so pleased to announce that he has managed to achieve the highest reward points in the entire school. This is simply incredible.

    I should also mention that collectively 7BW02 managed to be the Tutor Group with the most reward points in the entire school. What an achievement!


    Year 7 Transition Leaders for 2022-2023

    Following 72 applications for the role of Transition Leadership, I am pleased to announce that all students were awarded a position for this year. The aim of our latest pupil leadership role of Transition Leader, is to enable pupils to actively support and welcome our new Year 7 pupils in September 2022. Transition Leaders will help welcome and support pupils into our School, lead and plan specific activities throughout the year, and provide support alongside our other pupil and student leadership teams. Our Transition Leaders will be a source of help for students, become role models for all year groups, and represent our School accordingly. Congratulations to you all. Myself, Mrs McBride and Miss Fell look forward to working with you this term and the next academic year.

    Well done to each and everyone of you!


    Tutor Curriculum

    This month we have been raising awareness as part of the National Teen Self Esteem month. Students have been presented with lots of information and advice. The year 7s came up with a list of what they could do to support their peers. Here are a few:

    • Lead by example
    • Avoid negative self-talk and criticism
    • Ensure that as a peer you have open lines of communication – and if you don’t, get advice on how to create this
    • Ensure you can be trusted
    • Guide and advise your peers by encouraging their own decision-making within reasonable parameters
    • Give each other space
    • Listen and take an interest in your peer life

    I am hoping that year 7s help and support each other, allowing them to be confident with who they are.


    Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

    We have also started to prepare for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This week students will have had a series of tutor sessions dedicated to the Queen’s 70 years of service. Many participated in the Great Jubilee Bake Off! We had some exceptional entries, which tasted just as good as they looked. It was always lovely to witness so many year 7s getting involved in the Bunting and Decoration Competition. I would like to think that I might be able to celebrate a 70 years span in teaching, however not quite sure that I’ll make it.


    Parents and Carers

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support so far this year. I hope that you feel your child has been given the guidance and support to achieve, but more importantly, to enjoy school life. I look forward to catching up with you all at the various school events next term. Have a lovely break.

    Kind regards,

    Mr Royle

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  • Year 8 Update- Summer 1

    Published 23/05/22

    Rewards and Recognition
    We are incredibly proud that our Year 8 students have over 60,000 reward points!

    Congratulations to the top 3 students in Year 8:

    1st Place Teagan S (8MR01)
    2nd Place Esme S (8PK02)
    3rd Place Nadia R (8MR01)

    A massive well done to the Top 3 Year 8 tutor groups below:

    1st Place 8PK02 – Mr Challice
    2nd Place 8PK01 – Ms Lloyd
    3rd Place 8MR01 – Mrs Copeland


    Students have explored a range of topics as part of our tutor time curriculum this half-term. Students started the term by exploring their mental and physical health; reflecting on how they can best look after themselves and their wellbeing. Students then explored the dangers of child gambling, which was really interesting.

    In the final week of term, there has been an exciting build up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

    Our fantastic Year 8 Rewards Leaders, alongside the Year 9 Charity and Community Leaders, have been busy creating lots of bunting to decorate the Student Services and Canteen areas in school. It was wonderful to see our students working within their colleges, and across year group, to do this.

    Each tutor group has been tasked with creating the best Jubilee decoration for their tutor group. These were judged on the final day of half term. 


    Thank you for your support with the Year 8 options process. All students have selected their options and more information will follow soon. It was fantastic to read through the parent feedback from the Year 8 Options Evening, so thank you to those of you who did this.


    Thank You

    Thank you for the ongoing support of your child this half-term. We now look forward to the final half-term of Year 8. As a reminder, please do support us in ensuring your child has the correct uniform each day so that we can keep standards high until the end of the school year.

    Next half-term will see some exciting opportunities for Year 8 students, including the Big Bang Fair, Sports Day and Race for Life.

    We hope that you and your families have a wonderful bank holiday and enjoy the Jubilee Celebrations. We look forward to seeing the students return for the final half-term.

     Miss P Murphy



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  • Year 9 Update- Summer 1

    Published 23/05/22

    As we complete the penultimate term of the academic year, I continue to be impressed with the efforts and positive attitude Year 9 students display in and out of their lessons. We are now approaching our third data cycle where students will be completing assessments to demonstrate their progress; it has been extremely pleasing to observe and hear how well students are developing in their GCSE studies.

    Tutor Time Curriculum

    The focus of our Tutor Time sessions this half term has been “Health and Well-being: Body Confidence”, where Learning Mentors have supported Student Leaders in delivering sessions linking to topics such as Self-Esteem, Healthy Lifestyle and Cancer Prevention, and The Media and Airbrushing. Students have also received a session based around Railway Line Safety following the recent concerns raised by Network Rail that there was a high level of trespassing on the tracks by young people in Leamington Spa and Warwickshire. Our Year 8 International Schools Student Leaders also delivered an online assembly to our Year 9s to update us on the current state of the Ukrainian crisis and what we can continue to do to help. Once again, Learning Mentors have been really pleased with how well students have engaged and contributed to the Tutor Time sessions by displaying impressive levels of maturity and curiosity about these topics.

    Finally, in the last week of half term, Learning Mentors delivered sessions based around The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to celebrate and recognise the significant events in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and why Britain is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. The term concluded with a Great Jubilee Bake Off which raised money for the Prince’s Trust, as well as a Bunting and Decoration Competition. A special mention to the Year 9 Charity and Community Leaders who also created fantastic bunting and decoration that has been placed around the school as a part of the celebrations.




    Year 9 students who are members of the Eco Club also contributed to the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by engaging in the ‘Plant a Tree for the Jubilee Initiative’.

    Reward Points

    I am pleased to report that Fred S and Lucas RL from 9MR02 are topping the Rewards Table this half term. This is a brilliant accomplishment and demonstrates that they have been consistent in their outstanding approach to learning. Working well in lessons, perseverance and independent learning, acts of kindness and student leadership are just a few of the reasons why they have managed to achieve so many points. Congratulations to Fred and Lucas, along with the below students, who have made the “Top 10” Year 9 students for reward points – excellent work!


    Tutor Group


    Fred S



    Lucas RL



    Evelyn E



    Natalia C



    Ethan H



    Dylan B



     Jakub S



    Emilia H



    James W




    Message to Parents and Carers

    Despite this half-term being relatively short, it has been yet another successful one. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support this academic term, and I hope you feel your child continues to be supported and guided to achieve, but more importantly, to enjoy school life at NLS. Have a safe and happy half-term.

    Mr Butler

    Head of Year 9

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  • Year 10 Update - Summer 1

    Published 20/05/22

    The more effort you give, the more commitment you show, the more opportunities you’ll make, the further you’ll go.

    Tutor Curriculum

    Revision Strategies and the RE exam

    Students have been looking at timetabling for their revision. This is an important task that helps to organise time around school and other commitments in order to dedicate time effective revision. The Y10 students were exemplary prior to and during the exam. With two more exams left before this goes to print I know that they will continue to do themselves proud.


    International Project

    At the start of the half-term, students were tasked with creating a piece of art to show what it means to live without harming the world and each other, or to write a letter to the students in our partner school in India, explaining how students in NLS are trying live without harming the world and the reasons why this is important to them. Not only was this an opportunity to look at environmental issues that we are faced with and our responsibility to do our bit in reducing the impact we have, but it was an opportunity to develop further links with our partner school.


    Queen's Platinum Jubilee

    We are providing the opportunity for students to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by looking at the significant contributions the Queen has made over her reign.  Part of this is will involve tutor groups creating decorations, researching key events that have taken place, and then applying their research to a quiz. This will culminate in a Jubilee Cake competition at the end of the half-term.


    Work Experience

    Currently, 178 of 234 students have provided the correct documentation and information to secure an external work experience placement. This is fantastic when we consider the number of companies/providers who are still struggling with the impact of COVID-19.

    The deadline for providing the documents has now passed and unfortunately we will not be able to accept any further requests to go on an external placement as there will be insufficient time to process the information.

    For the students who will remain in school, we are currently in the process of securing alternative experiences which will take place in school, but will allow them to have a real insight into the world of work as well as develop key employability.


    Rewards and celebration

    It always gives me great pleasure when I am informed of the fantastic achievements of some of the students in Y10 outside school. I know there are more out there so please do let me know if your child has been up to something amazing.

    • Charlie R has been competing in the West Midlands Regional Swimming Championships. The highlights were winning the 100m & 200m Butterfly in the 15 year old age group. The 100m was a very close race which he won by 0.07 seconds. In the 200m he led from start to finish and won by over 6 seconds. Based on these results and others over this year, it looks like Charlie will compete in the British Swimming Championships in the 200m Butterfly and the English National Swimming Championships in the 100m Butterfly and 400m Individual Medley, which both take place during the summer holidays. Well done Charlie.
    • Rebecca M’s cheerleading trip to America with Team England resulted in a gold medal and an appearance on 'This Morning'.
    • Anna R has had the wonderful opportunity to sing at the Royal Albert Hall with Armonico Consort.


    Mrs Sarah Barley-Morey                                                         Mr Matt Atkins

    AHT Y10 Lead, CEIAG/Learning Conversation Lead                Senior Assistant Headteacher

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  • Year 11 Update- Summer 1

    Published 20/05/22

    As I sit down to write my final Parent Bulletin as Year 11 lead, I would firstly like to take the opportunity to say a huge congratulations to all the Year 11 students making it through to the end of the year, especially given the challenges of the last 2 ½ years. Although I appreciate a number of students will be joining us for another 2 years in sixth form, I hope the last few weeks the students are together as a year group are memorable.

    During the first couple of weeks of examinations, it has been fantastic to see the positive approach all students have shown so far. Whilst there have been obvious anxieties and worries, the determination and resilience on display has been fantastic to see. The continued focus and work ethic of students has continued to be excellent both in lessons and through after school revision sessions throughout this half term. This has been highlighted by the huge number of signatures, potentially the most ever, on students’ ‘Passport to the Prom’ tracking cards. I am sure students will continue to make productive use of their time now study leave has formally begun and continue to make best use of all the resources available to them in the final few weeks and days of exam preparation.

    Celebration Day on Friday 1 July probably seems a long way off for the students at the moment, but final plans are coming together to ensure the goodbye to Year 11 students will be an experience they will remember. Leavers’ hoodies, prom tickets and yearbooks have been available to purchase via ParentPay over recent weeks and it is great to see the really high uptake with all of these. It is always a fantastic time once the stresses of the exams are over and students can look ahead to an extended summer break and exciting opportunities on the horizon in whichever post-16 pathway they have chosen.

    Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to all parents and carers for your support throughout these last 5 years, but particularly over the last 2 1/2 with all the adaptations and unique challenges that have befell the year group. I firmly believe that the tough times they have gone through will stand them all in good stead moving forward in life and you should be incredibly proud of the wonderful individuals they have become. Before signing off, I would like to say a final good luck to all the Year 11 students and I look forward to seeing them all for the Celebration Day and Results day in the summer.

    Take care

    Mr Foxon

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  • Sixth Form Update- Summer 1

    Published 15/05/22

    Sixth Form students have had a very positive term in Summer 1. The year 12 have established good routines working in their study periods and ensuring they are getting themselves prepared for the end of year exams. Year 13 have had a great last few weeks at NLS and it’s lovely to see so many back in working incredibly hard during their exam period. Here are a few of the things that we’d like to celebrate and share this half term.


    Year 13 Leavers Day 

    On Friday 13 May we celebrated our Year 13 students leaving us as they start their exams. Students joined us for breakfast in the morning, allowing us all to admire each other’s fancy dress, of which the theme was ‘characters’. After their final two lessons at NLS, students enjoyed a final tutor time, sharing stories and memories with their tutor group. We then went into the theatre for their final celebration assembly where students' pictures of themselves in Year 7 flashed up, along with pictures throughout their time at NLS.

    Awards were given for ‘most likely to’ nominated by the tutors and the Sixth Form team and student awards were presented based on students' own votes. The Senior student leaders shared a heartfelt goodbye and then we all enjoyed ice cream outside. The Year 13 students were respectful and seemed to really enjoy their final day, thank you to everyone for making it so special!


    Blue Day for Prostate Cancer

    On Thursday 27 April our Sixth Form students organised and ran a very successful ‘Blue Day’ to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, raising £186.42 with a cake sale. This was paired with an external speaker who spoke to students in assembly about how to spot signs and support those affected.