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  • Update from Year 7

    Published 18/10/21
    What a start for our new Year 7s!

    This half-term has been extremely eventful for our Year 7 cohort. They have undergone one of the biggest transition phases of their life and I have to say, they appear to have done it with ease. It is incredibly pleasing to witness how much charisma, confidence and commitment they are already displaying in all aspects of their school life. They have appeared to have settled down and adhered to the school ethos, demonstrating those CORE attributes in and out of lessons. I am so happy to lead such a highly motivated group of individuals. I hope that they continue to seize all opportunities and have the aspiration and passion to succeed here at NLS.

    Tutor Curriculum

    Our year 7 students are delivered a curriculum during tutor time that aims to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need in order to manage their lives, now and in the future. This will help students to stay healthy, safe and prepared for life and work in modern Britain. This half-term, students have been learning about Politics and Parliament. The nature of the curriculum allows students to have important discussions and debates on why politics is important and how to run a country. I am sure you can imagine the engaging conversations that have taken place during tutor time. It has been insightful to observe year 7 students respond so maturely and considerate when conversing on such topics.

    I have also witnessed students having the courage and confidence to read aloud to others in their tutor group. Year 7 have been allocated the Marcus Rashford book ‘You Are A Champion’ which appears to be thought provoking and inspiring.

    Noticeboard Competition

    All tutor groups were given the opportunity to design a noticeboard containing all the relevant information that they may need to include to be able to access the curriculum as well as trying to make it personable and attractive. The creativity and imagination used to design these noticeboards was inspiring, which in turn made it really difficult to choose a winner. There was much deliberation between myself and Mrs McBride . However, it was decided that there were two noticeboards worthy of winning. This year’s winners were BD1 and CT2.


    Open Evening

    I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of those parents / carers that gave permission for their child to support the school during Open Evening. We had over 1000 people walk through our door that evening. The year 7s supported staff on a subject level whilst others became school ambassadors, providing parents and carers with tours of our school. So many parents and carers commented how polite, confident and knowledgeable they were. Considering they only started here 4 weeks ago, it was amazing to see how far they have come. I want to say a personal thank you to Zoë C, Olly B and Kaddy K for delivering exceptional speeches to perspective parents and students. They had to read their speech on 3 occasions in front of a crowd of 300 each time. Your commitment is commendable.   

    Year 7 Tutor Evening

    It was fantastic to meet many of you during year our 7 Tutor Evening. This was an opportunity for parents and carers to meet their child’s new form tutor and find out more about how they have settled in at NLS. Having the event face to face hopefully made the whole experience a little bit more personable. It must have been lovely to hear such positive messages fed back to you as well as any immediate concerns being addressed. Opening these lines of communication between you, your child and their tutor can only be beneficial in providing the support your child needs to flourish at NLS.

    Year 7 Student Cabinet

    We have a strong emphasis on student leadership at North Leamington School. Developing autonomy and the ability to work both in groups and independently form part of the work we do with our year 7 students. As such, we have Council Representatives and a team called the School Cabinet. I am pleased to announce that Freya P and Ethan L are this year’s Cabinet Representatives.

    I meet with the Tutor Reps on a half termly basis and they raise points made by their tutor group. This gives each tutor group the chance to have their voice heard and opportunities offered.


    We continue to go from strength to strength regarding rewards. We are the year group with the highest reward points, which is a commendable achievement and demonstrates the positive work ethic and attitude in and out of lesson time. We acknowledge those students that make progress on a weekly basis as those that are flying the flag for year 7s. I think it is important to mention that your child is not only working well, they are also demonstrating their leadership skills on a regular basis. I am so pleased that the students in year 7 continue to shine. It is extremely satisfying to be a leader of a year group in which a plethora of students are supportive, honest, display integrity, never give up and are enthusiastic. It is these key characteristics that will enable them to become a well-rounded individuals.

    Year 7 Football Team

    This half-term has seen the training and selection of our year 7 girls’ and boys’ football team. Year 7 students have recently competed against Myton. The students were a credit to their year group and themselves, each displaying superb team work skills as well as demonstrating a supportive side to their personality. The boys’ team managed to defeat Myton 4-2, with Thomas C-H scoring 2 goals and Ben L making some superb saves. The year 7 and 8 girls’ football team played 8 games, successfully winning 2 of these games as well as drawing on 3 occasions. This is an aspect of my job that I thoroughly enjoy. It is an opportunity for all students to participate in the training aspect of the sport and enjoy the opportunity to compete against other schools in a fun, friendly yet competitive manner.


    Message to Parents and Carers

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this academic half-term. I hope that you feel your child has been given the guidance and support to achieve, but more importantly, to enjoy school life. I look forward to catching up with you all at the various school events next term. Have a fantastic break.

    Kind regards,

    Mr Royle

    Head of Year 7

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  • Update from Year 8

    Published 17/10/21

    The Year 8s return to school has been a massive success; the Year 8 team are really pleased the majority of students are wearing their uniform to a high standard, are engaged in their learning and show kindness to one another. This is a really important year for Year 8 as they will make their GCSE option choices later in the year, and we look forward to working with you to make this process a positive one for all students.

    Tutor Time

    This year has seen the commencement of year group tutoring in college groups. Students have settled in to their new groups with their tutors. It is pleasing that our tutor team remains the same as last year. We also welcomed Mrs Copeland and Mr Challice as new form tutors to Year 8, who are fantastic additions to the team!

    This half-term Year 8 students have been exploring Law, Crime and Society within the tutor time curriculum. This has offered them an excellent opportunity to develop their student leadership and knowledge of these areas.

    Student Leadership

    As part of our Student Leadership provision, Year 8 students have had the opportunity to apply to be Rewards Leaders, International Leaders and Ambassadors. The applications were of a really high standard, and we now have over 60 student leaders in our year group. A massive well done to these students for taking the initiative to apply for these roles, it shows real commitment to school life.

    Our whole school Open Evening saw over 80 Year 8 students supporting the evening. The students provided tours to visitors and helped out promoting the different subject areas in school. We were so proud of the way these students welcomed our visitors and represented North Leamington School. Lots of visitors commented on how polite and helpful the students were!

    Summer B (8PK), Sam C (8BD), Riley F (8PK, ) Oscar H (8MR), Laura H (8PK), David S-C (8BW) and Mae W (8PK) all supported at the Year 7 Parent Information Evening. The students were amazing representatives. Sam, Laura and David were a real highlight of the evening. They all delivered fantastic speeches to the Year 7 parents who learnt all about their experiences of Year 7.

    Rewards and Recognition

    We are really pleased that Year 8 have over 12000 reward points so far this year! A massive well done to 8CT01, 8BW02 and 8PK01 who are the top Year 8 tutor groups. We are really proud of our top 10 students: Bethan B (8BW02), Mae H-S (8MR01), Naomi M (8BW02), Tilly T (8PK01), Gabby A (8BD01), David S-C (8BW02), Lola F (8PK01), Daisy G (8MR02), Oscar H (8MR02) and Kitty W (8CT01).

    More information will follow with regard to the rewards process at school and how students will be rewarded.


    It has been wonderful to see so many Year 8 students involved in extra-curricular opportunities since coming back to school in September. Students have been attending a range of clubs, such as a variety of sports clubs, Eco Club, Pride club and Sculpture Club. We really encourage all students to make the most of these opportunities, so please make sure you and your child look at the range of activities available. We were particularly proud of our Year 8 Boys’ Football Team who have won both of their games so far this year against other local secondary schools!

    Next Half Term

    We are really looking forward to launching our College competition in Autumn 2 and will keep you all updated on the winning logos and slogans!

    Thank You!

    Thank you for the ongoing support of your child, it has been brilliant to meet and speak with so many of you as we transition the students into Year 8 and are able to recommence face-to-face meetings. Do continue to communicate with us as we are here to support all Year 8 children. I hope that the Year 8 students have a restful half-term, and we look forward to seeing them on their return in November.


    Miss P Murphy

    Head of Year 8

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  • Update from Year 9

    Published 16/10/21

    It has been a superb start to the year for Year 9 students as they have begun their GCSEs. Staff around the school have commented on the maturity of students and how hardworking they have been so far. It has been really impressive to hear and see pupils’ work in subjects that they are experiencing for the first time, such as Photography, Textiles, Art, Business Studies, as well as their efforts in English, Maths, Science and RE.




    Whilst pupils are now in Year group tutor groups, there is still an emphasis on competition between students and their colleges. The tables and graphs below show you the current standings (at the time of writing -15th October 2021).

    Year 9 Reward Points

    Rank Name Tutor Group Reward Points


    Abbie L




    Ewan D




    Jakub S




    Luke S




    Ethan H




    Avneet R




    Scarlett B




    Freya D




    Elissa W




    Nirthy N




    Hannah S




    Lola S




    Year 9 College Reward Points

    Student Leadership

    In Year 9, students have the opportunity to take on a number of leadership roles which will require them to represent their college across the whole school, working in conjunction with our sixth form leaders. By registering an interest and explaining why they felt they would be an excellent candidate, I am pleased to report that the following students have been appointed

    College Charity and Community Marketing
    Binswood Ila L Jakub S
    Henry J Luke S
    Luke B  
    Emily B Freya D
    Lucy P Sadie S
      Ila S
    Croft Elissa W Alfie S
      Lola R
    Manor Rylee B Charlie P
    Laurie F Edgar B
      Dhruv M
    Park Emilia H Charlie J
    Lauren D Kabir M

    Charity and Community Leaders will be required to:

    • Support with all charity and community events in the school
    • Develop links with the local community to raise the profile of the school
    • Promote and organise Coffee Mornings, Care Home Visits, College Charity events, whole school events (Children in Need, Race for Life etc.)

    Marketing Leaders will be required to:

    • Update College/Year group noticeboards around school
    • Judge competitions
    • Share information across tutor groups
    • Promote whole school events
    • Support with College/Year group newsletters


    Ben Butler

    Head of Year 9

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  • Update from Year 10

    Published 14/10/21
    Tutor Curriculum

    Last year we started discussing the qualities, standards and skills that students should look to develop as part of the ‘Flightpath to their Future’ in order to be successful in:

    • Securing a job
    • Maintaining a job
    • Securing promotion

    With this in mind students spent the first few sessions of the tutor curriculum this year developing a vision for Y10 and a catchy strapline. Each tutor group submitted their ideas and these were voted on through the Microsoft Forms platform.

    The Y10 Staff Team were incredibly impressed with the creativity and maturity of the proposals and are delighted to announce that:

    • The vision for the year group is ‘The more effort you give, the more commitment you show, the more opportunities you’ll make, the further you’ll go.’
    • The strap line is ‘Practice, persist, perfect and you will prevail.’

    The Council Reps for the year group will now work with me to develop a strategy to make both the vision and strapline purposeful and visible.

    In addition, students have been exploring British Values, looking at critical thinking and fake news, what cults are, and what it means to be British. Later in the term, they will explore LGBTQ+ and British Values, and will look at human rights.

    To encourage Tutor Group identity and how this links to the College structure, each tutor group has been set the challenge to create a unique and inspiring notice board. These will be judged by the marketing student leaders from Y9 to ensure there is no unfair advantage to any one group.


    Student Leadership

    Each tutor group nominated between one and two Council Representatives, with each tutor group holding their own council meeting to discuss rewards, extracurricular activities, facilities and post Covid processes, as well as home learning. The Year Group Council will now meet to consolidate their thoughts so that they can be taken to the Whole School Council meeting.

    All Y10 students have been invited to apply to be a whole school student leader linked to either careers or sports. This is a great opportunity to create, manage and lead whole school strategy across all year groups and colleges. The successful candidates will be announced shortly.

    The Y10 team is keen to create as many opportunities for the Y10 students to drive the direction of the year group on their ‘Flight Path’ towards Y11 and beyond.


    Finally, next term all students will be able to enter a competition to rebrand the Colleges and Year groups by creating new logos through a competition.


    Mrs Sarah Barley-Morey

    Head of Year 10

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  • Update from Year 11

    Published 14/10/21

    Year 11 students have made a great start to this first half-term. It has been brilliant to see the focus and motivation of the year group and I can only commend them on the resilience and ‘can do attitude’ they are showing after the challenges of the last two years. The recent English and Maths mock exams seem to have gone really positively and will offer all students the opportunity to further identify specific gaps in learning, as they continue their journey onto the final set of exams next summer. Learning from mistakes is now part of the journey and with a positive mind-set moving forward, can be transformed by responding well to subject teachers. Please continue to encourage your child to participate actively in lessons, asking questions on skills or knowledge they don’t understand.

    Looking forward to next half-term there are some exciting events on the horizon:

    Passport to the Prom

    During next half-term we will be introducing a ‘Passport to the Prom’ initiative to all students in Year 11. This is a scheme that has run really successfully in the past and combines students’ attendance at after school revision sessions with promotions linked to the Prom at the end of the year. More information will follow once this has been shared with students via assemblies next half-term and will run into the spring term.

    NLS Sixth Form

    An important date for the diary next half-term, for those interested in continuing their studies with us in a post 16 environment, is Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 4 November 2021 at 18:00-20:30. Some additional information has already been shared and is also available on the website but please contact Ms Hase, Head of Sixth form- if you have any questions or queries. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 15 December 2021 with application forms accessible online and on the school website Please note, although we encourage as many students as possible to register interest in this date all students will make their final course choices and enrol after collecting their GCSE results on 25 August 2022.

    Revision Week

    The first week back after half-term is a designated revision week for all students. The usual tutor time will be collapsed for the week to allow students to focus on the application of the seven key revision strands we have been focusing on throughout the year. This should give students the opportunity to not only apply the strategies they have learnt to specific subject areas, but also begin to map out their revision schedule over the longer term.

    Second Mock examination window

    Although the recent English and Maths mocks have just finished, I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you of the second Mock examination window of the year, which will take place during the final two weeks of next half-term (w/c 6 December and w/c 13 December). These will include formal assessments in all other subject areas. Further information will follow regarding these closer to the time. The only subject that will run slightly different is modern foreign languages (MFL) with speaking mocks happening a couple of weeks earlier. Year 11 MFL Speaking Mock exams will take place from Monday 15 November to Friday 26 November. Details of exact date, times and rooming will be handed to students by their teachers. Teachers will be guiding students on what to revise and how to prepare for this examination. We understand these exams can be a stressful time for some, and we appreciate your support in preparation for this exam period.

    Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to signpost some useful information linked to supporting positive mental health and wellbeing for students. We fully recognise the anxieties that this challenging year can bring and supporting students to be happy and comfortable in school remains a priority for all staff. A recent assembly highlighted some top tips to maintain good mental health over the recent examination period. I would strongly encourage all Year 11 students to try and engage with at least some of these over the half-term break:

    1. Connect with other people
    2. Be physically active
    3. Learn new skills
    4. Be Kind and give to others
    5. Pay attention to the present moment (mindfulness)
    Websites and useful resources

    Young Minds Website- There is an abundance of information to help support with a range of difficulties students may be experiencing. The find help tab in the top left-hand corner is probably most useful as a start point.

    Headspace (app)- Mindfulness based meditation app. Contains hundreds of themed sessions on everything from sleep, to concentration to anxiety. Also contains short ‘bitesize meditations’ to allow users to fit Mindfulness into their busy lives and SOS exercises in case of sudden ‘meltdowns’.

    Moodometer (app)- NHS ‘Mood Diary’ app that allows young people to track their moods. This app can help young people gain an understanding of what influences their mood and offers suggestions for helping them self when they feel low.


    Mr Foxon

    Head of Year 11

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  • Update for Sixth Form

    Published 13/10/21

    Post 18 Options

    Last week we were delighted to have sent 10 UCAS early applications, with 9 to Oxford and Cambridge for Veterinary Medicine, Mathematics, Medicine, Engineering, English, Law and Natural Sciences and a further application for Dentistry. Other students have made a good start in completing UCAS applications and applying for degree apprenticeships.

    Sex & Relationship Education session

    This term, students took part in an interactive session on STIs. This included a Science experiment to show students how quickly STIs can spread and an information session where student volunteers acted as the Doctors giving advice on the specific STI, what treatment was needed and the short and long term effects.

    Charity Days

    Earlier this term, students wore yellow to support Mental Health Charities and on Thursday this week, students took part in Wear it Pink day, raising money for breast cancer awareness charities. The bake sale was a great success, raising £££ and the assembly informed students of the importance of breast checking behaviours. Go to for more information.

    Young carers

    If you are a young carer please let us know to ensure you are getting the right support. You can contact us in the Sixth Form office or let Nicky Holt know directly.

    Open evening

    We are looking forward to opening our doors to prospective Year 11 students on Thursday 4 November. Thank you in advance to all those students have had offered to help us out on the day; welcoming visitors, working with departments or helping with tours, your help is invaluable and who better to get advice from than the people who experience the Sixth Form day to day!

    Sixth Form Behaviour Policy

    We will be launching the Sixth Form behaviour policy after half term which will link into the rewards for the rest of the school. Keep an eye out on Go4Schools on your child’s attendance and rewards!


    It has been a busy start to the year with students getting back into the swing of school life; the first half term has gone incredibly quickly.  Year 12 students have been receiving advice on how to use their time effectively, working outside of lesson time to maximise their potential in their subjects.

    Year 13 have been balancing UCAS and Post 18 applications with keeping on top of their academic work. With only seven months left for Year 13, it is crucial that they hone their revision skills so they are in the best possible position next summer for these long awaited exams.

    We look forward to what the second half term has in store; starting with the Sixth Form Open Evening, we hope to see a lot of you there!

    Miss Hase

    Head of Sixth Form

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  • Drama Department Update

    Published 11/10/21
    Year 7 & Y8 Drama Students in KS3 are following a programme of learning that explores an introduction to Drama. As part of the course, students have established relationships within the group to create an effective group ensemble and complete
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  • PE Department Update

    Published 11/10/21

    We would like to start by saying just how fantastic it has been to see a buzzing PE department, once again for students and staff alike. Gone are the days of restrictive activities and no competitive fixtures, it feels like we are truly back after a challenging 18 months for sport & physical activity. It has been fantastic to see so many students performing excellently in lessons, taking opportunities to attend extra-curricular clubs, and commitment to representing the school in competitive fixtures.

    Upcoming Curriculum KS3

    Please see below for a guide to what students in Y7-9 will be studying in their Games lessons after half term. This includes both indoor and outdoor sport delivered per group and Dance to G2 sets. All students in Y7 & 8 will study a block of Dance throughout the PE curriculum this year.

    Rugby – Autumn 2 PE Curriculum Y7-9

    All boys in years 7, 8 and 9 will undergo a teaching block of rugby following the October half term break. Students in 7x1, 7y1, 8x1, 8y2, 9x1 and 9y1 will have rugby during their First Games lesson each week. Students in 7x2, 7y2, 8x2, 8y2, 9x2 and 9y2 will have rugby during their Second Games lesson each week.

    On the day your child has rugby it is vitally important that they come prepared. All rugby will take place on the playing fields, meaning kit is likely to get wet and muddy. The climate usually tends to worsen after the half term break, with rain during lessons likely and the temperature dropping. Students should bring their full NLS PE kit including socks. Students may choose to wear their long sleeved zip tops or rugby shirts and NLS bottoms. Students may also wear additional layers underneath their PE kit such as base layers and skins for additional comfort and warmth. Studded boots (either football or rugby) are highly recommended, alongside a gum shield. Both items are highly recommended but not compulsory and are there to support your child with participating safely during contact rugby. Students will still take part in lessons without these items, but as such do so at an additional risk.

    Gum shields can be sourced through the PE department and purchased through Parentpay or directly in the PE office at a cost of £3. These will need to be moulded with boiling water at home and care should be taken to follow instructions on how to do this.

    As the playing surface deteriorates and kit becomes muddy during lessons, we recommend that your child have a separate bag (additional to their school bag) for kit and boots to go in. We also recommend each students bring a small towel. We have showers which are accessible to students so that they may wash mud off arms and legs before heading to their next lesson.
    For any queries, please contact your child’s respective member of PE staff. If you or your child are still unsure, please bring full rugby kit as advised above to their first Games lesson back after half term.

    Illness or Injury Protocols

    It is an expectation at NLS that students participate in every Games lesson. If students are suffering with an illness or recovering from injury, they will still play a role in the lesson, just not as a performer. This could be coaching other students, officiating, managing, or any number of non-physical tasks. Students who are either injured or ill, should bring a written note from home excusing their participation. Students should still bring kit and change where possible for the lesson.

    Extra-Curricular Clubs – Autumn 2

    Please see below extra-curricular timetable for Autumn 2. All extra-curricular sports clubs are free for students to attend, however students must sign in outside the PE office and bring PE kit to be able to participate. The NLS PE staff will only cancel clubs as a last resort; however should a club need to be cancelled, we will endeavour to communicate this as early as possible, usually through the weekly PE bulletin, which can be accessed in the extra-curricular area of the school website, or via the school tutor team.

    NLS PE department have linked up with Leamington Rugby Football Club for delivery of extra-curricular rugby every Thursday after school. The sessions have been magnificently received by all students in attendance and the coaches bring a wealth of experience and expertise with them, making the sessions highly enjoyable for all. Years 7, 8 & 9 all have rugby fixtures following the half-term break and we are keen to see as many students there as possible, to make the most of the invaluable coaching being provided. The sessions are for both beginners and experienced players alike, and are always tailored to the needs of the students.

    Parent Protocol – Extra-Curricular Fixtures

    After a wonderful start to the school year for extra-curricular sports clubs and fixtures, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind parents/carers about after school fixtures and expectations.

    Extra-curricular Clubs – Autumn 1

    Clubs this half-term have seen over 300 students attend at least one extra-curricular club each week, with some students taking advantage of 3 clubs per week! It has been fantastic to see so many students take these opportunities and particularly for Y7s where new friendships have been made through sport. Alongside this, we have had 31 competitive fixtures or tournaments across year groups in both Girls’/Boys’ football and netball.

    Next half term sees further fixtures across year groups for football and netball, but also fixtures for rugby, hockey, squash, cross-country and badminton. We look forward to more students demonstrating their excellence whilst representing NLS.

    Cross Country – Saturday 6 November

    The Warwickshire Inter Area Cross Country meeting will take place on 6 November. The venue for the race is still to be confirmed, those that have competed in the past will remember that the race has been hosted at Stratford upon Avon School in recent years. We are keen to send as many participants as possible to represent NLS, especially our keen runners and athletes belonging to local athletics clubs. Could those students wishing to represent NLS in Cross Country, please make themselves aware to their Games teacher. Prior experience of cross country is helpful but not essential. The PE department will be in contact with those that have given their names once they receive further details of the event.

    Sixth Form Sports Leaders

    We want to recognise the hard work of Sixth Form sports leaders who have supported with various extra-curricular sport and events this half term.

    In particular Anna-Maria Kruger & Isabel Hanley for their fantastic representation of PE/Sport at our Open Evening for prospective Y7 students. Also the following students for their excellent support in coaching and developing younger students at extra-curricular clubs.



    Patrick Callaghan

    Tuesday (Football)

    Yiorgos Manolopoulos

    Tuesday (Football)

    Emma Pulman

    Wednesday (Hockey)

    Niamh McClenaghan

    Wednesday (Dance KS4)

    Pradeeptaa Anantha

    Thursday (Badminton)

    Chloe Reading

    Thursday (Dance KS3)

    Joseph Scott

    Thursday (Badminton)

    Ben Parsons

    Thursday (Rugby)

    Alex Johnson

    Thursday (Rugby)
















    Mr Burt

    Head of Physical Education

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  • Student Leadership Update

    Published 10/10/21
    This half term has been a busy one in terms of Student Leadership and Voice as we re-establish roles now students are able to work outside of their year group bubbles. We have also completed our first round of student voice, giving every student in s
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  • Summer Concert

    Published 20/07/21

    Music Department Summer featuring pieces from our students from years 7-13

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