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To provide outstanding Drama provision for all students. To nurture a genuine interest in creative learning in Drama, providing opportunities to support all students in achieving excellent outcomes.

Class lessons are of a practical focus at KS3 and differentiated to ensure all students are stretched and challenged appropriately. Enrichment opportunities will be offered to all year groups throughout the year.

Our Identity:

  • Teaching for Understanding
  • Building Confidence and Resilience
  • Developing Collaborative Skills

What knowledge / skills beyond the exam specification do you want students to acquire in your subject?

In Drama we want students to develop their collaboration, confidence, resilience and creativity. We want them to be able to improve through reflective behaviour to become:

  • Self-aware and self-critical
  • Honest about themselves and skill level
  • Open to criticism and feedback – seeks it
  • Objective in weighing up evidence
  • Open and prepared to try different options
  • Curious and motivated to improve

"Reflection and action upon the world in order to transform it" Paulo Freire.

A fundamental pedagogy of working practically in Drama is the constant reflective and creative dialogue. Verbal feedback and actions are world-class basics followed by a practical response through dedicated improvement and reflection time.  Asking questions invigorates thinking and encourages students to communicate and express ideas, so that students are able to see the out workings of their decision-making, they are able to think, to question and make connections.


What will students study in Drama?

View the Drama learning journey below

Exam Board

Drama- Pearson Edexcel Exam Board- 1DR0- GCSE (9-1)


Find out more about Drama at NLS via our Virtual Open Evening video below:

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