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Governance Structure 

North Leamington School is part of the Elm Tree Multi Academy Trust - 

The members of the Academy Trust enter into the funding agreement with the Secretary of State and are legally responsible both to the Secretary of State and to parents and pupils for the running of the Academy Trust and academies within the Trust. They are also responsible for holding the directors to account for the running of the Trust. 

The functions of the members of the Academy Trust include: 

  • Overseeing the achievement of the objectives of the company 
  • Taking part in annual and extraordinary general meetings 
  • Appointing and/or removing directors 
  • Appointing the auditors 
  • Signing off the company’s financial accounts and annual report 
  • Power to amend the Articles of the company or close the company  

Elm Tree Multi Academy Trust has 4 members, comprising 2 signatory members and 2 appointed.  These are: 

  • Richard Freeth  
  • Robert Pearce 
  • Sarah Wadsworth 
  • David Winter

The Board of Trustees fulfil the role of both directors under company law and trustees under charity law, exercise the powers and carry out the duties of the Multi-Academy Trust. The Board of Trustees are responsible to the Members of the Academy Trust as well as the parents, pupils and staff at the academy. Directors are also known as governors of the Trust.

The directors are responsible for the 3 core governance functions – setting the strategic direction of the Trust and the academy within the Trust, holding the Head Teacher to account and ensuring financial probity.  

 Two committees operate under the Board of Trustees: the Resources Committee (incorporating the functions of the Audit Committee) and the Pay Committee. A Local Governing Body operates in each individual Academy.

The Trustees of Elm Tree Multi Academy Trust are: 

Name Type of Trustee Additional Roles and Responsibilities
John Cleary Member Appointed Trustee  
Richard Freeth Member Appointed Trustee

Chair of Trustees

Mike Lowdell Ex-officio Trustee Chief Executive Officer
Sara Maslowski Co-opted Trustee


Rob Matthews Co-opted Trustee  
Rob Pearce Member Appointed Trustee

Vice Chair of Trustees,
Chair of Resources Committee

All Academy Trust documents and information can be found here.

In accordance with the Academy Trust, North Leamington School has a Local Governing Board as set out below.

The Local Governors of North Leamington School are: 

Name Type of Governor Committee Additional
John Cleary Co-opted Governor

Pupil Premium Link Governor

Trustee of ETMAT
Richard Freeth Co-opted Governor SEND Link Governor Chair of Governors
Chair of Trustees
Rob Kerr Parent Governor Resources  
Mike Lowdell Ex-Officio Governor   CEO ETMAT
Head Teacher North Leamington
Trustee of ETMAT
Rob Matthews Co-opted Governor


Trustee of ETMAT
Simon Owen Co-opted Governor    
Rob Pearce Co-opted Governor Chair of Resources

Vice Chair of Governors
Vice Chair of Trustees

Libby Semple Co-opted Governor Vice Chair of Resources  
Lisa Whittleton Co-opted Governor Safeguarding Link Governor  
James Wright Co-opted Governor    

If any parents or carers are interested in becoming a Governor, we would welcome your involvement. Please contact Richard Freeth, our Chair of Governors, for more information: 

Meeting Attendance 2021/22

Meeting Attendance 2022/23

Declaration of Interests 2022/23

Declaration of Interests 2023/24