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Design and Food Technology


The design and food curriculum aims to…

  • Enable all students to be successful and make good progress
  • Develop independent thinkers; individuals who can analyse, evaluate, critique and question the world around them to achieve a balanced, holistic view and then apply these skills as they make their way through the world not only as savvy, conscientious consumers, but also as effective, innovative problem solvers who are driven to improve the world around them
  • Realise flexible, adaptable, creative individuals with the ability to cope with the ever-changing demands of the 21st century including the ability to make the most of all technological advances and challenges
  • Achieve calculating, risk-takers who are aware of and able to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way
  • Foster lifelong abilities by giving students the opportunity to work with a wide range of ingredients and materials, sustainably, safely and accurately, to form high quality products for not only themselves but also for a wide range of different consumers, situations and cultures
  • Engage and motivate – to not only develop lifelong skills but to encourage the pursuit of related, recreational interests
  • Promote the development of resourceful, empathetic individuals who think sustainably, responsibly, environmentally, and of the needs of others


Exam Board

  • Design & Technology - AQA Exam Board- 8552- GCSE (9-1)

  • Food Preparation & Nutrition- AQA Exam Board- 8585- GCSE (9-1)


What will students study in Food Technology?

View the Food Technology learning journey below: