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The provision of Homework opportunities will differ between subjects and courses, however it:  

  • Will involve activities for all students set via Go4Schools, as well as optional elements, detailed in the Curriculum overviews
  • Will be proactively engaged with post completion  
  • Will be relevant to the learning in the classroom or interleaving (going over concepts covered previously to ensure students can still recall these)

Key Stage 3 (years 7-9)

  • Approximately 30 minutes per week in Maths, English, Science and MFL
  • Approximately 30 minutes per 5 timetabled lessons in Geography, History, Technology, Art and RE
  • Drama, PSHE, Music and PE will not set regular tasks via Go4Schools, but students are encouraged to participate in enrichment either in or outside of school

Key Stage 4 (years 10 and 11)

  • Approximately 1 hour per week in Maths, English and Science
  • Approximately 1 hour per 5 lessons in RE and GCSE options subjects
  • Btec subjects will set 1 hour per 5 lessons only when studying externally assessed units
  • Students in Key Stage 4 are also expected to carry out independent revision which will build over the Key Stage.

Key Stage 5 (years 12 and 13)

Students should complete 6 hours of homework for each of their subjects. This will be a mixture of teacher set work via Go4School and independent study. The proportions of each of these will vary depending on the nature of the subject.

Further information about homework in each subject can be found in our curriculum overviews. These also give a range of optional tasks for any students to engage in further homework to support their learning.