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Student Leadership and Voice

Student Leadership is embedded in all aspects of student life at NLS, allowing all young people to have their voices heard, but also the opportunity to develop key life skills in a practical environment. Students have leadership opportunities in all year groups and across all areas of the curriculum. There is a specific focus on student leadership within colleges to support the delivery of the tutor curriculum, but also to allow mentoring across year groups and support of whole school activities and events.

College Student Leadership Structure

The overall student leadership structure is driven through the college system with specific roles for students in each year group as follows:

Year 13

2 x Senior Student Leaders involved in a range of activities throughout the year including:

  • Representing the school at whole school events- Open Evening, celebration evenings etc.
  • Being the voice of the whole student body. Lead Student Cabinet Meetings and present ideas for school improvement to Mr Lowdell each term.
  • Liaising with key stakeholders throughout the year- staff, governors, and visitors to school.

1 x Senior Student Leader (Equality and Diversity)- Leading the equality and diversity student body within school and ensuring all students have an avenue to seek support if needed

5 x Assistant Senior Student Leadership roles- These will cover a number of key areas of school life in and out of the classroom and students will work with staff and student leaders from younger year groups to drive initiatives and events. The roles include:

  • ASSL — Diversity & Equality
  • ASSL — Charity & Community
  • ASSL — Wellbeing & Mentoring
  • ASSL — Sports
  • ASSL — Digital Leaders & Marketing
  • ASSL — Careers & Life Skills

Year 12

10 x College Student Leaders (Year 12)- One boy and girl to represent each college and ensure effective communication and support is available to all students within their college throughout the year.

Year 7-11

Specific student leadership roles are driven through year group teams, supported by College Leaders/Heads of Year.



Deputy College Leader- Leads on College wide activities and supports all students in the College with a range of activities throughout the Year


Vice Captains- Steps in for Deputy College Leader when they are unavailable and supports with College wide activities


Sports- Lead on all Sports Activities and ensure full teams for inter-college fixtures and sports day


Careers- Lead on student voice for careers activities and co-ordinate regularly with our careers advisor


Charity & Community- Take a lead on all College specific fund raising activities and community events


Marketing- Support with completion of termly newsletter, completion of College noticeboard and other e-marketing activities


Rewards- Lead on monitoring of reward points and celebration of student successes throughout the year


Ambassadors- Be the face of the school in whole school events (e.g. open evening) and take the lead in student and parent tours


International- Lead on all international projects and events and promote communication with our partner schools


ECO/ Gardening- Promote ECO activities throughout the school and lead on whole school ECO/gardening activities


Transition- Lead on all transition activities with prospective Year 6 students from local primary school


Year Group Council rep- Share student voice feedback with student cabinet and ensure opinions form all year groups are heard.

2 per Year Group

Our student voice runs on a half termly basis and gives all students the opportunity to have their say and impact change. The process starts with a student voice activity within their tutor groups, which is led by a student voice representative. This then feeds into a year group meeting where every tutor group in a specific year group is represented and key topics are shared and discussed. Year Group Council reps then collate the information for specific year groups and share at a student cabinet meeting which is led by our Senior Student Leaders. Once key areas for school improvement have been identified, our Senior Student Leaders meet with the Head Teacher to identify key areas of change and actions moving forward to implement these.Student Voice and Council

Student Leadership in Lessons

In addition to College specific activities, student leadership plays a key role in all aspects of our academic curriculum both in the classroom and through wider school extracurricular experiences. Whether this be through students taking on the role of sports captains when competing against other schools in after school fixtures, or acting as an equipment monitor in their English class. All staff actively look for opportunities to facilitate student leadership within their classes and recognise leadership as a key life skill that needs to be nurtured for all.

Benefits of Student Leadership

- It creates pride in the school because students feel they have a genuine stake in it and the decisions that directly affect them

- It provides adults with invaluable insights into the dynamics of the school, allowing teachers to understand problems from the students' perspective.

- When students are given leadership roles they become positive role models, especially for younger students

- Student leadership creates an atmosphere of students caring about the greater good of the school and the community as a whole.