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It is a great pleasure to welcome you to North Leamington School. Our school is a thriving, popular and inclusive comprehensive school, where we pay particular attention to each individual student by promoting their personal, social and educational development. We have all the advantages of being a large school in that we offer a wide ranging curriculum to enthuse all learners and at the same time employ dedicated and high quality staff to support and value each student.

We have high expectations of our young people, we expect everyone to work towards the common goal of helping them develop the skills and knowledge required in being successful at NLS and beyond. Our students are encouraged to strive for excellence in all that they do at school and grasp all the wonderful opportunities that will present themselves throughout their years of study. We want our young people to aim high, be happy confident learners, support one another and be proud members of our rich and diverse community.

Our ambition is to be an ever-improving learning environment that offers opportunities to enthuse engage and enrich the experiences of all its community. We will continue to instil a commitment to growth in a positive, dynamic, and respectful environment that expects and supports personal excellence in the context of everyone mattering equally.” 

Vision and Values   

  • Commitment: All members of our community are committed to self-improvement, working to achieve both individual and collective goals so all are successful.  
  • Opportunity: Individuals can develop their abilities and talents, and to be successful. We want everyone within our community to be nurtured, challenged, and encouraged to make the most of opportunities. 
  • Respect: Everyone behaves in a respectful and kind way to others. Our school is an inclusive environment where all are valued equally.  
  • Excellence: There is a commitment to excellence in all that we do. We have a culture of high expectations. We expect to do well both as individuals and collectively. 

We are extremely fortunate to educate young people in a wonderful environment with state of the art facilities. We have committed, talented teachers and support staff who work hard and deliver excellent outcomes for our young people at all stages. Fundamental to that success is instilling core attributes such as resilience, independence, kindness, progressive thinking and a desire to work hard.

We care deeply about forging positive and strong relationships between all partners – staff, students, parents and governors. Respect for ourselves and each other is at the heart of our school ethos, we want students to work in partnership with our local and global communities and the environment to become positive members of society and role models for our younger students at school.

It is my great privilege to lead North Leamington School, if you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us

Mr Mike Lowdell
Head Teacher