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Textiles - GCSE Option

Head of Department: - Mrs J Gotheridge-Davies
Examining Board: Eduqas

What Will I Study?

Students begin the course by working on a short taster project designed to introduce a range of skills, techniques, designers and media that will inspire and challenge them to think about their own skill base and interests. Through this initial period pupils will build up a technical file of skills.

This will lead onto the main portfolio project, which is worth 60% of the GCSE and students can select from a list of sub-themes that can give individual choices. This project is designed to allow for personalisation of work and to develop the skills and imagery of their individual choosing. 

Students can work in a sketchbook, portfolio or on image boards generating initial imagery, design ideas and analysis of the work of others.

This will lead into recording ideas and imagery in a variety of materials and students will begin to experiment with different techniques and processes in order to develop a final outcome.

A large emphasis is placed on the study of the work of other designers and artists and this will heavily influence and inspire projects. It is also an essential part of the course that students spend time on their research and practical development outside of the classroom.

What Skills Will I Develop?

  • A wide variety of technical making skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Independent study skills

How Will I Be Assessed?

The portfolio coursework project contributes 60% of the final grade.  This is completed during Year 10 and in Year 11 until Christmas.
The examination project contributes 40%.  

In Year 11 students will complete a practical examination project. Preparation for the final practical exam will commence from the January of Year 11.
Starting points and themes will be supplied by Eduqas.
The examination process is very similar to the coursework element of the course with the final outcome being produced under supervised conditions over two, 5-hour periods.

For more information please see The Arts Learning Journey and Textiles Curriculum Overview.