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Sport - BTEC Option (BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Sport)​​​​​​​

Head of Department: - Miss A Usen 
Examining Board: Pearson

What Will I Study?

Students will study a broad curriculum which allows them to develop their knowledge and understanding through realistic vocational contexts. Students are required to complete and achieve all three components in the qualification:

Component Number

Component Title

Qualification Weighting





Preparing Participants to Take Part in Sport and Physical Activity




Internal (Year 10)


Taking Part and Improving Other Participants Sporting Performance




Internal (Year 11)


Developing Fitness to Improve Other Participants Performance in Sport and Physical Activity




External Synoptic (Year 11)

Component 1 looks at the provision for sport and physical activity for different types of participants, the equipment and technology required in different sports and how to prepare participants to take part in sport and physical activity.

Component 2 looks at the components of fitness and how they are used in different physical activities, the roles and responsibilities of officials and ways to improve participants sporting techniques.

Component 3 looks at a range of content to allow students to investigate how to improve participants sporting performance through fitness training programming. Content includes: components of fitness, fitness tests and fitness training methods.


What Skills Will I Develop?

The three components in the qualification gives learners the opportunity to develop broad knowledge and understanding of the sport sector, and specialist skills such as analysis, leadership, confidence and teaching and communication at Levels 1 and 2. Students will also develop their IT skills through coursework.


How Will I Be Assessed?

Component 1 and 2 are assessed through non-exam internal assessment. These components have been designed so students can demonstrate and apply conceptual knowledge through coursework written tasks using a computer.
In both components students will also have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the planning and leading of a warm up and an activity session to a small group of younger students in the school.
Students will be assessed by the teacher and then moderated by Pearson.

Component 3 is externally assessed through a 1 hour 30 minute paper exam worth 60 marks. This exam is sat at the end of Year 11 during the summer exam window.

For more information please see Physical Education Learning Journey and Curriculum Overview.