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Media - GCSE Option

Head of Department:- Mr A Krysta 
Examining Board: Eduqas 

What Will I Study?

Students will acquire knowledge and understanding of key issues and the ability to debate important questions about the media. Students will study four key areas of the media:

  1. Media Language—how media products communicate meanings through the use of camera shots and editing, for example.
  2. Media Representation—how the media represents issues, social groups and individuals. A big focus on FEMINISM and PATRIARCHY.
  3. Media Industries—what and who is involved at the production, distribution and exhibition stages of a media product.
  4. Media Audiences—how audiences are influenced by media products. Lots of theories.

 Students study a range of set products including: 

  • Audio-visual forms—TV, film, radio, advertising and marketing, music video & video games (we do not play games - we learn about the economics of games).
  • Online forms—social and participatory media, video games, music videos, newspapers, magazines, advertising and marketing.
  • Print forms—newspapers, magazines, advertising and marketing.

   What Skills Will I Develop?

  • Creative skills by making media products of your own. You will have to take photos in your own time.
  • Software skills by learning Photoshop and Indesign.
  • Leadership and initiative by undertaking an individual practical project
  • Academic skills such as critical thinking, analysis and research methods.
  • Knowledge and understanding of a range of important media issues.
  • An appreciation and understanding of the media and their role in society, culture and politics.

How Will I Be Assessed?

Unit 1: (40% of final grade) - assessed by an external written exam which is 1 hour 30 minutes.

The exam paper is divided into two sections. Section A will focus on Media Language and Representations and Section B will focus on Industry and Audiences. 

Questions will be assessing breadth of knowledge and include extended writing questions and some shorter knowledge based questions and will involve knowledge of a range of set products across a variety of platforms.

Unit 2: (30% of final grade) assessed by an external written exam assessed which is 1 hour 30 minutes.

The question paper will focus on all aspects of the theoretical framework in relation to an in depth study in Television Crime Drama and Music Videos and Websites. Students will be expected to answer a range of extended questions on the set products they have studied.

Unit 3: (30% of final grade) A Non-Exam Assessment (NEA). Students will produce a media product for an intended audience along with a statement of intent. It is designed to test the application of knowledge and understanding of the theoretical frameworks and an opportunity to develop practical media production skills.

For more information please see the English Learning Journey and Media Curriculum Overview.