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Art (Fine Art)- GCSE Option

Head of Department: - Mrs C Copeland 
Examining Board: AQA

What Will I Study?

Fine Art is the study of painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture and print making. Students will be asked to select a topic from a list of starting points. These are varied and allow students to work in an area they enjoy.

All students will work in a sketchbook researching Artists and drawing from their own photographs to develop their ideas. It is important that students draw and write about their ideas as their work develops. Depending on their research, students will test out materials, techniques and processes of making Art. These can then be refined and changes to materials, composition and scale can be created in large pieces, outside of the sketchbook.

This project runs from the start of the course up until December of the next year. It’s a large project worth 60%.

In January in Year 11, students will start an external set task and will start preparing for the two day exam in April. This is a short project where students receive starting points by the exam board and then produce a small project, until the External Set Task. This takes place over two days. The external set task is 40%.

What Skills Will I Develop?

Students will develop creative and analytical skills.

Creative skills include - Painting & drawing, Mixed Media, Sculpture and Printmaking.

Students will not only develop practical skills but also written analytical skills. An appreciation of other artist's work is an important part of the course and learning about the techniques that artists use, and the purpose of their work, will help students to improve and make progress. Visiting galleries and museums is advised.

Students will need to independently study at home on their work preparing for lessons. Extra sessions after school to support students and to be able to access materials they may not have at home are available weekly.

Students will explore the world around them, observe through photography, sketches, drawings and notes.

How Will I Be Assessed?

Art is a Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) subject so both components are assessed internally by Art Staff and then by the Exam board moderators.

60% of the total marks are for coursework and 40% from the external set task.

Students will be given their marks prior to leaving the course in Year 11.

For more information please see The Arts Learning Journey and Curriculum Overview.