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Science - GCSE CORE Subject

Head of Department:-Mr J Dhesi 
Examining Board: OCR

All Students will study GCSE Science either as Combined Science (two GCSEs) and study a range of topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or by choosing Triple Science as an option and will study three separate GCSEs, Biology, Chemistry & Physics. 

What Will I Study?                                                                                                                                   

Students will study areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics that build on the foundations learnt in KS3.
Biology and Chemistry students will cover six topics and a practical skills topic and in Physics students will study eight topics and a practical skills topic.

Biology Paper 1

Biology Paper 2

Cell level systems           

Community level systems

Scaling up

Interaction between systems

Organism level Systems

Global challenges


Chemistry Paper 1

Chemistry Paper 2


Predicting and identifying reactions and products

Elements, compounds and mixtures

Monitoring and controlling chemical reactions

Chemical reactions

Global challenges


Physics Paper 1

Physics Paper 2


Waves & Radioactivity



Electricity & Magnetism

Global Challenges

Practical skills will also be assessed in each of the written papers.

What Skills Will I Develop?

Develop scientific skills, process information in a structured and logical way.

Apply techniques learnt in mathematics to collect measurements to analyse and interpret data.

Practical skills, using equipment and techniques to take accurate measurements.

Problem solving skills


How Will I Be Assessed?

Assessment consists of two examined papers in each subject; six examined papers in total.

Each paper carries an equal weighting of 16.7%.

Each paper has a duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Students will be entered for the Foundation or the Higher tier.

For more information please see the Science Learning Journey and Curriculum Overview.