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Y9 Options- Religious Studies


Head of Department:

Mrs E McGwinn

Examining Board:

Eduqas (WJEC)


All students will sit the Religious Studies GCSE

What Will I Study?

Students will learn and discuss issues that affect them today and in the future.

Students will also study Christianity in the UK.


Topic areas covered will include:

  • Issues  of Life and Death
  • Issues of Good and Evil
  • Issues of Human rights
  • Christianity (Beliefs, Teachings and Practices)
  • Islam (Beliefs, Teachings and Practices)


What Skills Will I Develop?

Debating and discussion skills

Understanding of religious and non-religious beliefs.

Critical analysis and the ability to construct and write well informed, balanced and informed, structured arguments

Application of knowledge

Ability to analyse questions related to religious


How Will I Be Assessed?

There are three written examination papers:

Paper 1- Religion, Philosophical and Ethical Studies is 2 hours and is 50% of the total marks

Paper 2- Christianity is 1hour and is 25% of the total marks

Paper 3- Islam is 1 hour and is 25% of the total marks