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Y9 Options- Design Technology


Head of Department:

Mrs F Ross

Examining Board:



What Will I Study?

GCSE Design and Technology is the subject that allows you to creatively use your mathematical and scientific knowledge and understanding to develop solutions that overcome a wide range of problems. You will work to solve contextual challenges such as ‘Addressing the needs of the elderly’, ‘Children’s learning and play’ and ‘A high profile sporting event’. You will explore and investigate the challenge to design a range of possible product solutions, using a wide range of different materials – textiles, timber, polymers, metals, boards and papers. You will also learn how to design and make electronic circuits that you can use within your designs. The result? A viable product that looks good and does the job. You will be free to design a wide range of possible solutions using any materials you wish. To enable you to do this the course is structured as follows…

  • Year 9 – you will work to complete a range of mini challenges developing your materials science knowledge and understanding, alongside key core knowledge including energy, sustainable design, enterprise and quality control. Alongside this you will develop the ability to work independently, a key skill you must acquire to be successful in years 10 and 11.
  • Year 10 – once you have learnt how to work with a wide range of materials you learn how to complete the Non-Exam Assessment (NEA), you are set more complex challenges to allow you to do this, in addition you will gain more specialist knowledge including production, manufacturing techniques and advances making skills
  • Year 11 – you complete your NEA and prepare for the end examination

In addition to developing the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to develop viable product solutions, you will develop problem solving skills and your ability to work within and lead a team. You will also develop the resilience and perseverance needed to see projects through to the end.

What Skills Will I Develop?

  • Drawing – by presenting design ideas through drawing using a variety of different techniques
  • Ability to work independently. For the NEA students will work on their own without support from peers or staff.
  • Application of mathematical understanding – please note 20% of the exam paper tests relevant maths skills including determining area, wastage, percentage and costing.
  • Questioning – ability to independently answer questions and learn through research and investigation
  • Problem solving skills
  • Creativity and enterprise – how to take calculated risks
  • Planning and organisational
  • Perseverance in completing projects
  • Those needed to explore further courses in design and engineering         

How Will I Be Assessed?

A 2 hour written examination worth 50% of the final grade.

Complete a NEA worth 50% of the final grade.

In year 11 for the NEA students will create a design portfolio based on a contextual challenge set by the exam board and will have 35 hours in lesson time to complete this under controlled conditions.  


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