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Parent / Carer FAQs


What does a typical day look like at North Leamington School?

The school day is 8.45am until 3.15pm, and the day will include 5 lessons and a tutor session. Students should be on site before 8.40am.

Can a child get breakfast at school and what time can they arrive on site?

The school site is open to students at 8.15am where they can sit in the canteen and get breakfast.

My child needs to get the bus to school. How do I go about finding out which bus they need to get and will they require a pass?

Please contact the bus companies direct. Buses come into NLS from Ryton, Binley and Stretton areas

What equipment does my child need?

Within a school bag/rucksack initially they will need a pencil case and a water bottle. At the start of term they will be given an ID Badge which they must wear at all times. Once they start, teachers will inform them of any additional equipment they need for individual subjects.

Can my child bring packed lunch?

Yes, they can eat packed lunch in the canteen or designated area for Year 7.

If my child wants to buy lunch from the canteen how do I put money onto their ID card?

NLS is a cashless school, therefore the canteen requires students to swipe their ID badge to pay for their food. You will receive a ParentPay login which is the platform used to manage purchases, and more guidance will follow shortly. Students can also upload money at one of the machines in school. If your child receives Free School Meals, staff in the canteen will be aware and they will be provided with a meal at lunchtime.

How do I apply for Free School Meals?

If you would like to check your eligibility for Free School Meals use the link below, or view information here.

Where do I buy uniform from?

Our uniform suppliers are Stitchtech, who are based in Sydenham, Leamington Spa, The uniform requirement list and Stitchtech contact details are on our website.

Should I label my child’s clothes with their name?

Yes, this will minimise lost items. If your child does lose something they should ask at student services.

Can they use their mobile phone?

We understand you may want your child to have access to a mobile phone during their travelling to and from school however we expect their phones to then be switched off and not visible during the school day. If a phone is seen by a member of staff it will be confiscated until the end of the day. We do not take responsibility for phones or any other valuable items on school site. If they need to make an urgent phone call or if they are unwell, student services will call you.

Will there be a locker available for my child?

Yes there are some lockers available for Year 7 however, they will not be released until after students have started in September. You will be informed when they are released, and they will be issued on a first come first served basis via ParentPay.



Are classes mixed or set by ability?

Classes are all mixed ability at the start of term, however around October half term, and following teacher assessments, some subjects will then be set in abilities range.

How do I find out how if my child is making good progress in their subjects?

Each year you will have the opportunity to attend a subject evening where you can have a face to face meeting with teachers of individual subjects. In addition there are occasions in the year where data is released to show whether your child is on track and making expected progress. 

How much homework will my child get?

Students will get settled in before small pieces of homework are introduced. Please liaise with either subject teachers or tutor if you have any concerns.

How will my child be rewarded?

Students will receive reward points for working well and for demonstrating specific attributes like helping others or producing excellent work. The number of points they are given will be communicated to parents/carers. There are also celebration assemblies and regular phone calls/emails home.

What clubs and extracurricular activities are on offer?

Most subjects run clubs either after school or at lunchtimes, examples include Sport, Drama, Science, Creative writing, Art. Departments will advertise their clubs when you start in September.

How often do they do PE?

Twice a week, there will also be many opportunities to take part in clubs both at lunchtimes and after school.



As a parent/carer, who do I contact if I have a concern/query about my child?

Your first port of call will be your child’s Tutor who leads their tutor group every day. You will be given their email address at the start of term and they can also be accessed via the website. Your child’s Head of Year will also be responsible for the pastoral and academic wellbeing of your child, overseeing the Tutor groups.

Who can I contact to discuss my child’s specific SEND?

We are working closely with primary schools to collect relevant information regarding specific needs. Contact for enquiries or further guidance.

Will my child be in a class with their friends?

 We try to separate children out from Primary schools to encourage them all to make new friends as well as keeping their old ones. We do not take requests for children to be placed with their friends unless in very specific cases.

My child will definitely get lost, will there be someone around to help?

Students find their way around school very quickly, but there are other students and staff to help as well as our Student Services desk who will support. We also have a Student Support and Engagement team who can help with any specific worries.

If there is a problem, who can they talk to?

They can talk to their Tutor who they see every day, or any other staff member they feel comfortable talking to. We also have a Student Support and Engagement team who can help with any specific worries. Additionally they could talk to the Student Services desk for help.

How will I receive communication with the school?

Communication will be sent weekly from the Year 7 lead, and via the website for general information.