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What our current Year 7s think

"I have enjoyed everything here at NLS so far. I have made loads of friends and all the teachers are so kind and supportive. I think this school is amazing and I am proud to say that I am part of it."

"My experience at North Leamington School is enjoyable, I think I have settled in well. At the beginning I did get nervous making new friends and talking to new people, I started playing football at lunch and this has helped me to meet lots of nice friends and become less nervous."

"I have really enjoyed my time so far at NLS, all the teachers are kind and supportive and I've made lots of new friends! One of my favourite subjects is art and I have joined art club after school on Thursday. "

"I have had an amazing time at NLS, I have made lots of friends that I didn't know before and have found the large majority of my lessons very interesting and enjoyable. I have joined a few clubs such as netball, dance and drama and have been satisfied with the fun activities they provide me with. The library is also amazing and I have been pleased with the large selection of books there. "

"I have enjoyed NLS as the staff are nice and every student gets their own view without being judged."

"It was a little bit stressful at the start, worrying about getting lost, making new friends and being late!! I have felt really supported by the staff with my worries and after the first week I felt so much more comfortable in the school. The food is really good - pizza is my fave! Science is so good, you do loads of experiments, there are loads of different clubs on all through the week too so you can try lots of different things." 

"I absolutely love North Leamington School because everyone is so nice. I love science, art and maths the most but my favourite thing at NLS is the extracurricular dance club because I love to dance."


"I like a lot of the things at North Leamington School. I think the overall way that the things are run is really good too. I like the way there is always a timetable for extracurricular clubs and things, and many of the subjects are not boring, are fun, and not too challenging but still challenging to help us learn more. "

"I enjoy the community and the way people help people up after they fall."

"I like the people in it because that's what makes NLS. I also like the subjects, the teachers are lovely and there are a wide variety of after school clubs."

"Science class is good because we do lots of practicals and learn about exciting things. I also enjoy Eco club as we get to learn about how to help the environment and how to help climate change." 

"I love the lessons and new experiences you can do at NLS. I have joined girls' basketball club and textiles club which have made me more confident in lessons. NLS has made me find new hobbies and friends. My confidence has grown during my time at North Leamington. "