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Student FAQs

Practical Questions

What is the school timetable?

The school day is 8.45am until 3.15pm, and the day will include five lessons and a tutor session. You will get a 25 minute break time at 10.50am after your first two lessons, and then a 30 minute lunchtime at 12.20pm.

Where do you enter and exit the school?

If you are walking or cycling into school you should enter from the Lillington Avenue entrance. If you arrive on a school bus it will drop you at the front of school.

What time can I arrive into school site?

The Lillington Road gates open at 8.25am. If you are dropped off by bus before that, you can wait in the canteen.

Can I bring a bike to school?

Yes you can bring a bike and lock it in the bike sheds, there is one specifically for Year 7 bikes. You are not allowed to bring scooters or skateboards. We recommend you wear a helmet for your journey, and a padlock to use.

What do I need to bring to school on the first day?

You will need a bag/rucksack with a pencil case in and a water bottle for you to fill at one of the fountains which are situated in every building. You may want to bring a snack in with you or a packed lunch if you are having one.

Do I need my PE kit on the first day?

No you will not need your PE kit on the first day.

If I get lost, how will I find my way around?

Your timetable identifies the room you are in for each lesson. The buildings are identified in the following way; C – Central Hub, H – Humanities, S – Science and Maths, P – PE.
After the letter is a number for the floor and then the room number. If you are unsure where you need to go another student will help you or you can go to Student Services for support. The transition events will also help you familiarise yourselves with the buildings.

What do I do if I lose something?

If you lose something, go to Student Services to see if they have it. Make sure your uniform and belongings are named, it will increase your chances of finding it.

What do I do if I feel ill?

Tell your Teacher, your Tutor, or Student Services depending on whether you are in a lesson, Tutor Time or during social time.

Where are the toilets?

There are toilets in every building, including next to the canteen. Try to use the toilet during the social times (before school, break time or lunchtime). At the start of term you will be informed which toilets are used by Year 7.

Where can I go during break and lunchtimes?

You will have a designated time to use the canteen. You can also use the outside multi use games area for playing football or meeting friends.

Is there somewhere quiet for me to go at social times?

We have a specialist support area open at social times called Nurture, if you would like to visit Nurture, please speak to your Tutor.

Can I get a locker?

Yes there are some lockers available for Year 7, they will be released after you have started in September. Your parents/carers will be informed when they are released, and they will be issued on a first come first served basis.


What are the food choices in the canteen? 

There is a large range of food choice in the canteen which is available before school, at break time and at lunchtime. There are hot meals, sandwiches, salads, drinks, cookies and fruit. The menu for hot meals changes every day, and they are delicious.

How do I pay for my food in the canteen?

Use your ID Badge to swipe in the canteen and pay for food. Your parents/carers will have a ParentPay account to upload money or you can upload at one of the machines in school.
You will be given your ID Badge during the first few days of term in September. If you have free school meals the staff in the canteen will know.

Where do I eat my packed lunch?

There are designated areas for all year groups to eat their packed lunch. Year 7 eat their packed lunch in the canteen where there are staff supervising. Please ensure you put all rubbish in the bins provided.


What subjects will I learn?

English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Education, Art, Music, Computer Science, Drama, PE, Languages, Design Technology.

How many students will be in my class?

The majority of classes will have approximately 30 children in.

How much homework will I get and what happens if we forget our homework?

Please do not worry about this in September. Teachers will be keen to get you settled in, and then will issue small pieces of homework to begin with.

How will I be rewarded?

You will receive reward points for working well and also when you demonstrate specific attributes like helping others or being creative or producing excellent work. The number of points you get will be communicated to parents and carers. There are also celebration assemblies within the Colleges, and regular phone calls/emails home.

What happens in Tutor time?

During Tutor time you will be with different students to your teaching group. You will follow a tutor curriculum covering some PSHE topic areas, alongside developing leadership skills. Your tutor will be a key member of staff to support you, and your tutor time will be every day at 1.50pm for 25 minutes.

What extra-curricular clubs are there? 

Most subjects run clubs either after school or at lunchtimes, examples include Sport, Drama, Science, Creative Writing, Art. Departments will advertise their clubs when you start in September.

What school trips might we go on?

Students in Year 7 went on a weekend trip to Whitemoor Lakes which gave them opportunities to work with other students in a wide range of water and land based activities. Year 7 have also visited the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham.

Friendships and Support

Will I have friends that I know in my class?

We purposefully spread out students from Primary Schools to encourage students to make new friends in their teaching group. You will make new friends very quickly, as well as meeting up with your old friends during social times. You will have some familiar faces in most groups if you have attended one of the cluster Primary Schools.

Which College will I be in?

At NLS we have five Colleges (similar to houses that you may have at Primary school). Binswood, Blackdown, Croft, Manor and Park. If you have a brother or sister at NLS you will be placed in the same College as them. If you do not then you will be placed into one of the Colleges at random. There will be College events across the year where you will meet other students within your College.

What do I do if I get upset in school?

You can speak to any member of staff for support, especially your Tutor or your Year Lead. We also have a student support and engagement team who will help you, or you can visit Student Services.