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Sixth Form Tutor Curriculum

Year 12 – In Year 12, students are supported to ensure that they successfully transition into post-16 education and are supported in developing their independent learning skills. The Year 12 Tutor Time curriculum includes Life Skills, Living in the Wider World, Employment, Exam Wellbeing, applying for UCAS and Work Experience. Students continue to develop our CORE values and are expected as part of our Sixth Form to be role models to the Year 7-11 students in both formal and informal leadership roles.

Year 13 – In Year 13 students are supported in preparing for the Key Stage 5 exams and for post-18 progression routes and independent living. Key topics include: Future Pathways and applications, Living in the Wider World,  Finance and Exam Wellbeing.
Year 13 Leadership opportunities extend to overseeing the Leadership of other students across the wider school community supporting Student Leadership throughout the wider school, Equalities and Diversity Leaders. 

The sessions delivered in the Tutor Time curriculum each fortnight will be as follows:

  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday      Thursday Friday
Week 1 Tutor Time Tutor Time Independent Study Assembly Independent Study
Week 2 Tutor Time Tutor Time Wellness Wednesday - Year 13 Assembly Independent Study