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Our Colleges

At North Leamington School, we allocate each student in Years 7 to 13 into one of five Colleges (Binswood, Blackdown, Croft, Manor and Park).

Our Colleges encourage a sense of pride, belonging and healthy competition.  Students are able to work together with a range of year groups as part of their College alongside the horizontal tutor groups in place.

There are 10 College based Tutor Groups in each year group from year 7 to year 11.  Each student has an ID badge which indicates the colour of their College as well as their year group and Tutor Group.

Our  Student Leadership opportunities are run within the College system.  Our Year 12 Student College Leaders, alongside our Year 11 Deputy Student College Leaders, lead College wide activities and support all students in each College with a range of activities throughout the year. Additional roles for students across each year group include:
Sport Leaders - help in the organising and running of the inter-college sporting competitions and Sports Day.
Reward Leaders - support the tracking of reward points for each College and support the organisation and running of the celebration activities and events at the end of each term.
Marketing Leaders - raising the profile of the College Ethos through their work
helping advertise and promote whole school events that take place throughout the year.
Charity & Community Leaders - take a lead on all College-specific fund raising activities and community events.

Five of our Assistant Head Teachers each have responsibility for a College as well as a Year group. They  promote the positive ethos of their College, which spans across the seven year groups in the school. Where we have siblings in school, they are usually allocated within the same College. 

Each year, we see our five Colleges compete for the rewards trophy. Students are provided with a weekly update for their College’s position in school through their tutor group.

The five Colleges are named after North Leamington School’s history. North Leamington School was formed in 1977 with a merger of three schools for 11-16 year olds - Blackdown High School, Leamington College for Girls and Leamington College for Boys. 

When North Leamington School moved to its current location at Sandy Lane in 2009 the original College names remained in place.

Binswood - Together we strive

Binswood College is named after Binswood Hall, which was the location Leamington College for Boys built in 1847.  Binswood Hall subsequently became part of the original North Leamington School in 1977 and Binswood Hall was used as part of the Sixth Form Centre.



Blackdown - Take Pride

Blackdown College takes its name from Blackdown High School, one of the founding schools to join together to form North Leamington School in 1977. Blackdown High School for Girls was a girls grammar school located on the Cloister Way site. This became part of the Lower School for North Leamington School for Year 7-9 students.



Croft - Grasp Your Future

Croft College is named after Cloister Crofts, which was the location of Leamington College for Girls, one of the founding Schools that joined together to form North Leamington School in 1977. This became part of the Lower School for North Leamington School for Year 7-9 students.



Manor - Lead the Pack

Manor College takes its name from Manor Hall, which was originally a Teacher Training and Conference Centre, until it became the site of the North Leamington School campus buildings in 2009.



Park - Climb Higher

Park College is named after Park Road which was the original site of Blackdown High School and remains home to one of the entrances to North Leamington School. The Park Road school became the Upper School for Years 10 and 11 when the schools merged in 1977 to become North Leamington School.