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Financial Support

16-19 Bursary
A Bursary Fund is available to students who may need financial support. This is means-tested. It can be used to support with study resources, clothing and transport, for example.

Details of the 16-19 Bursary Policy can be found here

The 16-19 Bursary Application form is below

16-19 Tuition Fund
The 16-19 Tuition Fund is a temporary, discretionary funding source which offers targeted students who meet specific eligibility criteria the opportunity to have some additional tuition to support their studies. It is specifically geared towards supporting those students with vulnerabilities which were amplified due to the impact of Lockdown and Covid. The allocation of these funds is reviewed over time and is currently in place for 2023-24.

It is used to support students in a wide range of subject areas but focuses on the functional skills of English and Maths as these facilitate success in all the other subjects. Funding is finite and as many students as possible who meet the criteria are offered support. This is strategically placed in the school year and usually starts around February.