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Student Support Team

The Student Support and Engagement Team (SSE) are a group of non-teaching staff that bring experience from having worked in other professional organisations. They aim to support students in all aspects of school and daily life when they have moments of difficulty.

Most students navigate through secondary school with no difficulty at all, but for some, school can be challenging from the start, or can become difficult because of things that happen in their home life. 

The SSE team can help with these challenges and difficulties by using their experience, coaching or basic counselling skills to help remove any barriers to learning. This enables students to come to school so they can thrive both academically and socially. At NLS we have a Family Support Manager who can work with both students and families to ensure that support is in place. We can also signpost to other external professionals where necessary to complete that overall support package.

We can also link in with other professionals to help in various situations, such as Safeline, Bereavement services, Young Carers, Police and Social care.

The team will also look at socialisation situations, whether it be in person or online and look at the best way of improving relationships, taking a restorative approach wherever we can, but reinforcing the safety messages about ‘online’ and social media use.

The team will also deliver internal interventions in areas such as self-esteem and anger management to empower children to make effective choices as they grow and mature into young adults.