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Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s award is a challenging, but ultimately rewarding experience for all participants. Pupils will learn lifelong skills, helping to make our young people more well-rounded individuals. Duke of Edinburgh certificates are viewed favourably by college and university admissions, as well as prospective employers.


At North Leamington School, this is delivered in Year 9 and is a great opportunity to delve into the what DofE entails.   It is challenging, for those at this stage of their lives, and deliberately takes them out of their comfort zones in order to challenge their own preconceptions of themselves. Many only do the Bronze Award, but many also use it as a springboard to achieve both Silver and Gold.

In the 2022-23 academic year  70 Year 9 students completed their BRONZE Award.
This year, we have 101 Year 9 BRONZE participants.

At North Leamington School, this is delivered in Year 10 and ramps the level of challenge up considerably in comparison to the Bronze. The Silver really starts to test students’ level of commitment and asks that they complete the volunteering, skills or physical sections for up to 12 months if they have not completed the Bronze award. The expedition is, again, more challenging but, in preparation, students do complete a practice expedition. This is a great bridge between completing Bronze and then moving on to the  Gold Award.

In the 2022-23 academic year 34 Year 10 and 7 Year 12 students completed their SILVER DofE Award
This year, we have 63 Year 10 SILVER participants.


At North Leamington School, this is to be delivered for the first time in the school’s history this year to our  Year 12 students and, again, becomes more challenging. This award is the one that universities and employers especially want to see and really distinguishes those who have achieved it from other applicants. The Gold award requires students to undertake one of their sections for up to 18 months if they have not done Silver and includes a four day walking expedition and a five day residential. The award culminates with a presentation for those who complete it at Buckingham Palace and NLS will be taking our first ever cohort there in 2025.

This year we have 20 Year 12 GOLD participants.


Our Bronze and Silver 2023 Awards’ Evening  will be on Thursday 23 November 6.00pm – 7.30pm