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Year 8 Update - Spring 1

WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH THIS ACADEMIC YEAR! Spring is fastly approaching.  It has been a very busy 6 weeks of the Spring Term.

This half term the curriculum has centred around mental health, wellbeing and social pressures. The year group has done so well in the way in which they have conducted themselves during these sessions and I am extremely proud of them. Students were mature, focused, calm and received lots of compliments from our external company Loudmouth Education, who came into school on 3rd February and delivered a theatre production and workshops. The students have also provided some positive feedback from this experience.

Children’s Mental Health Week
Our year 8 students thrive in our NLS community and this connection is vital for their wellbeing and health. When our year 8s have healthy connections – to family, friends and others – this can support their mental health and their sense of wellbeing. Research suggests that when their need for rewarding social connections is not met, they can sometimes feel isolated and lonely – which can have a negative impact on their mental health.  I have ensured that students in our year group have been rewarded for demonstrating those important acts of kindness.

The theme this year for Children's Mental Health Week (CMHW) is ‘Let's Connect.’ This is about making meaningful connections for all, during Children's Mental Health Week - and beyond. 

For CMHW 2023, I have been encouraging your child to connect with others in healthy, rewarding, and meaningful ways.  

Time for reflection
As we reach the milestone of being half way through our academic year, it is always a good time for students to reflect on what has gone well and what they would like to improve on further in Year 8. These Learning Conversations will take place during tutor time when student return. We will also be celebrating diversity and inclusion and I hope the students will enjoy the programme of tutor time activities that has been prepared for them.

International Leaders lead assemblies raising awareness about Fairtrade.
Our superb International Leaders created, and delivered, an excellent assembly to all year 7 students recently and are planning to deliver it to year 8 students in March. They are raising awareness about being a Fair Active school and why Fairtrade is so important. The assembly taught the students about the importance of Fairtrade chocolate and bananas and there was even some taste testing involved! The students really enjoyed learning about Fairtrade and why being an ethical consumer is so important.


World Class Basics
We have also continued to follow instructions and display a positive work ethic. I am pleased to see that the majority of our students come to school well-presented and equipped for learning. I feel year 8s are happy at school with high standards and expectations that will eventually lead to strong academic outcomes for all of them. I am incredibly proud of them all and I value their contribution to our school. These successes are recognised and celebrated at every opportunity and every learner thrives.

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge well done to the 130 students that have achieved 100% attendance this half term. As a year group we are implementing a series of interventions to support students and parents / carers in an attempt to increase this figure. I know that we work collaboratively to encourage your child to attend school and to be punctual. I just wanted to revisit a few ideas that I am sure are already in place.
In the first instance, can I remind you to contact the school if your child is absent, preferably on the morning that the absence occurs by 8.30am, this can be by telephone (01926 338 711) or email ( with the reason for absence and if possible how long the absence is likely to last.
Please be aware of the school’s daily routines to help avoid issues such as whether your child has their PE kit for example as this can lead to your child feeling stressed and worried.
I completely understand that our lives can be very hectic however, research suggests being interested in your child’s schooling and taking opportunities to find out how they are doing, through attending parent meetings, concerts and other school events can impact your child’s attendance. If a medical appointment has to be made in school time, please try to return your child to school afterwards.
If parents/carers feel there is an issue with your child which could affect their attendance please contact me, or your child’s tutor, at the earliest opportunity. It is really important that you engage in your child’s attendance and regularly check through updates from the school. There should be no surprises when you review your child’s attendance on G4S.

Attendance Assemblies
I will be using assembly time to share attendance achievements. I want to give recognition to those students who have attended 100% as well as those who have improved their attendance. It is also an opportunity to remind our students about the importance of attendance and punctuality and celebrate success on an individual, tutor group and year group basis. There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition.

Trip to Paris
100 DAYS TO GO!     

I will be hosting an information evening on 20th April at 17:30 – 18:30. This will be an opportunity to share with you a detailed outline of the itinerary.
I have provided a brief insight into the schedule below and I look forward to seeing you all then.






Le matin


Eiffel Tower (2nd floor via the stairs) and Bateaux Parisiens

Full day at Disneyland

Depart after breakfast with hypermarket/Vimy Ridge stop en route



Sacré Coeur & Montmartre



le soir

Arrive 16:30-19:00, welcome tour and evening entertainment

Evening entertainment

Evening entertainment


I feel this residential trip will offer a unique opportunity for students to claim their independence, make their own decisions and build new friendships and make fantastic memories.

I am pleased to announce that Amber B has continued to reign supreme and achieve the highest Reward Points in year 8 this half term. However, Paulina S, Nimitt K, Sam R and Daniel F are still hot on her heels, finishing within the top 5. This is a fantastic accomplishment! Their ability to maintain their lead demonstrates that they have been consistent in their approaches to learning. Taking on leadership roles within lessons, working above their target as well as supporting others are just a few of the underlying reason why they have managed to be awarded so many points. Congratulations to our Top 10 students listed below. I am very proud of you all. 

Amber B


Paulina S


Nimitt K


Sam R


Daniel F


Alice E


Caitlin C


Daniel M


Ella C


Anya H




Sophia M


Jason N


I am also pleased to announce that BW02 is the tutor group with the highest reward points in year 8. Well done!

When reviewing the data, it is clear that we have some incredible students that continue to display an exceptional attitude to learning and are therefore are achieving in all subject areas. The majority of year 8 students appear to be improving their attitude in a significant number of subjects. I am confident that by providing additional support and intervention, it will not be long before all year 8 students are achieving at least ‘good’ in all subjects. Well done to all students that continue to challenge themselves and working to the best of their ability. You are all a credit to NLS.

It has been a very successful half term. I applaud all of the students that continue to sustain their motivation, passion and commitment to their work and year group. You all make me proud. Long may it continue. Have a safe and happy half term.

Please look after yourselves and each other.

Mr Royle