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Year 8 Update - Autumn 1

As we reach the end of the first half term I would like to commend all of Year 8 for the growing maturity I am seeing from them in all aspects of school life. No longer being the youngest students in school is a great opportunity to step up and act as role models to our new Year 7 students and I am really proud of the progress displayed by the year group as a whole.

Tutor time
Year 8 have focused on a range of topics during Tutor Time this half term, topics covered have included:

  • Law Crime and Punishment
  • Black History Month

In addition students completed a self-reflection based on the progress on their final data report from Year 7, identifying two subject specific targets and one pastoral. Next half term students will be further engaging in activities linked to: digital literacy, anti-bullying week, careers curriculum and numeracy and finance. Towards the end of the half term students will also be completing a second self-reflection based on information from progress made in lessons during the year to date.

Information regarding the Tutor Curriculum Time, along with the Tutor Time Learning Journey can be found on our website via the following link Tutor Time Curriculum

Sporting Successes
I would also like to draw attention to some fantastic performances on the sports field so far this year. The boys and girls football teams continue to go from strength to strength with the boys currently into the 3rd round of the English Schools Cup after a hard fought 2-0 victory over Light Hall School in Birmingham in the second round. The girls U13 squad also put on a fantastic showing in the recent district tournament, please see the match report below:

The NLS Year 7 and 8s girls football team took part in their second tournament at Myton School against two teams from Myton and one from Campion. Our North Leam warriors got a little shock when they realised their opposition were Year 9 and 10 teams, but what they lacked in size they absolutely made up for in skill, determination and spirit. Again with no recognised goalkeeper, they took it in turns to keep clean sheets against Myton Year 9s and then Myton Year 10s, with Sade E and Ellie B making stunning saves in 0-0 draws. In both games, NLS was the better team and we went close on many occasions and the girls went into the final game determined to turn dominance into goals. Year 9 Campion didn’t know what hit them, with goals from our Year 7 Amelia B and a humdinger from Charlotte P with everyone putting in a fabulous showing. The future’s bright; the future’s NLS girls’U13s.

Reward Points
Year 8 students continue to gain an incredible number of reward points for positive behaviours in and out of the classroom. Weekly totals are shared with students during Tutor Time every week but I also wanted to highlight the top 10 students in the year since the start of September. It is lovely to see some new names on the list this year, highlighting some fantastic progress made and growing confidence with individual students.

Student Leadership
It has been great to see Year 8 students engagement in a range of Wider Curriculum activities this term, a number of these have been detailed in the College bulletin created by our fantastic Marketing Leaders. Race for Life was a lovely afternoon and one of the opportunities we have to mix as an entire school together. It has also been great to see the huge number of students that have been involved in Student Leadership activities so far this year, whether this be through specific leadership roles or acting as school ambassadors when supporting at the recent Open Evening. All students involved acquitted themselves in an exemplary manner and always highlight the very best North Leamington School has to offer.

With the nights getting longer and winter definitely on the horizon I just wanted to flag the importance of all students doing their best to maintain high standards around attendance.  It has been great to see the high number of students who have received reward points for consistently high attendance or for improvements made across the term or in comparison to last year. At the time of writing over 100 students have 100% attendance for the year to date, which is fantastic. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers with their support promoting and maintaining these high standards.

Finally I would like to highlight some of the exciting events we have to look forward to next half term. In the lead up to Christmas there are always lots of community and charity activities for students to get involved in, these include: our Remembrance Day event, our first College fortnight of the year including the always competitive College sports, the Winter Concert, Christmas Jumper Day and Odd Socks Day (to support anti-bullying week).

I hope all students have the opportunity to have a well-earned rest of the half-term break and come back enthused and ready to go for the half term ahead.