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Year 7 Update- Summer 1

Year 7s continue to shine at NLS

I have now officially completed my ninth academic year as Binswood’s College Leader and more recently Year 7 Lead. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. The students this year have managed to develop their year ethos to a whole new level. They continue to be supportive, honest, display integrity, never giving up in the face of daily challenges and more importantly, they are enthusiastic. We have some fantastic students in year 7 that are already demonstrating the key attributes allowing them to be incredible life-long learners, however, my job is to ensure that I help to instil the confidence they need to believe that they can achieve anything.

I have had a superb set of Tutors this year, who have supported me and the students on their journey. They have continued to promote the school ethos through the VT curriculum as well as during structured learning conversations. It is for that reason that I believe they have a pivotal role in the outcome of our students’ attitude to learning levels, consequences, as well as their academic progress. 

I am extremely proud to inform you that year 7s currently have the highest number of reward points in the school, as well as either achieving higher or maintaining their ‘Attitude to Learning’ levels on average each term. It is with ease that I can confidently state that together we have achieved an incredible amount this year, ranging from displaying infallible commitment and dedication to the range of charity events that have taken place throughout the year. We have managed to exhibit tremendous team spirit in the tutor groups and celebration assemblies. It has recently been announced that year 7 will be working collectively to compete in this year’s Maths Bee, this will demonstrate their academic profile of the year group, but also their ability to work collaboratively as a team. There are a plethora of events that have occurred this year that have made me incredibly proud to be the Year 7 Leader. There are going to be some changes with regards to my team come September and I will inform you of those changes when I have had confirmation. It is the passion and determination of our students that allows me to believe that we are the leading year group at NLS.



I am pleased to announce that Jason N has the highest reward points this half-term, accumulating a total of 62 points. Closely on Jason’s heals were Dan M and Evie P.  All of the students listed below have proceeded to show resilience, engagement, leadership, acts of kindness, creativity and have made outstanding contributions in lesson time.


Jason N
Daniel M
Evie P
Edouard S
Alexis F
Ava T 
Lilly B
Dean L
Arun J
Max R

This is a fantastic accomplishment for these particular students. I personally think that this shows how hardworking students and the number of potential leaders we have in our year 7 cohort. I couldn’t be more proud.

From the beginning of the year Will K has always been within the top 5 with regards to the reward points he has accumulated throughout the year. However, I am so pleased to announce that he has managed to achieve the highest reward points in the entire school. This is simply incredible.

I should also mention that collectively 7BW02 managed to be the Tutor Group with the most reward points in the entire school. What an achievement!


Year 7 Transition Leaders for 2022-2023

Following 72 applications for the role of Transition Leadership, I am pleased to announce that all students were awarded a position for this year. The aim of our latest pupil leadership role of Transition Leader, is to enable pupils to actively support and welcome our new Year 7 pupils in September 2022. Transition Leaders will help welcome and support pupils into our School, lead and plan specific activities throughout the year, and provide support alongside our other pupil and student leadership teams. Our Transition Leaders will be a source of help for students, become role models for all year groups, and represent our School accordingly. Congratulations to you all. Myself, Mrs McBride and Miss Fell look forward to working with you this term and the next academic year.

Well done to each and everyone of you!


Tutor Curriculum

This month we have been raising awareness as part of the National Teen Self Esteem month. Students have been presented with lots of information and advice. The year 7s came up with a list of what they could do to support their peers. Here are a few:

  • Lead by example
  • Avoid negative self-talk and criticism
  • Ensure that as a peer you have open lines of communication – and if you don’t, get advice on how to create this
  • Ensure you can be trusted
  • Guide and advise your peers by encouraging their own decision-making within reasonable parameters
  • Give each other space
  • Listen and take an interest in your peer life

I am hoping that year 7s help and support each other, allowing them to be confident with who they are.


Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

We have also started to prepare for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This week students will have had a series of tutor sessions dedicated to the Queen’s 70 years of service. Many participated in the Great Jubilee Bake Off! We had some exceptional entries, which tasted just as good as they looked. It was always lovely to witness so many year 7s getting involved in the Bunting and Decoration Competition. I would like to think that I might be able to celebrate a 70 years span in teaching, however not quite sure that I’ll make it.


Parents and Carers

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support so far this year. I hope that you feel your child has been given the guidance and support to achieve, but more importantly, to enjoy school life. I look forward to catching up with you all at the various school events next term. Have a lovely break.

Kind regards,

Mr Royle