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Year 7 Update - Spring 2

As we come to the end of a short but incredibly busy half term I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on some of the activities and achievements of Year 7 students over the last 5 weeks.
Year 7 have focused on a range of topics during Tutor Time this half term, topics covered have included:

  • Harmful Behaviours (focusing on risks of vaping, energy drinks, and online gaming)
  • Digital Literacy
  • International Schools

In addition to this all students were provided with the opportunity to complete a ‘Self-Reflection Review’ (formerly known as Learning Conversation), a process in which students analyse their own Data 2 and progress from their subjects and set themselves challenging yet achievable goals for the next term.  Students have identified 3 key target areas for the term ahead, one pastoral and the other 2 with a subject specific focus, these targets will be reviewed in the summer term.

During this half term we have completed our second College fortnight of the year. Activities have involved some intercollege sport competitions alongside a College quiz and an opportunity to work collaboratively on Thursday 16 April, one of the days impacted by recent teacher strikes. It has been fantastic to see how well the students have worked and engaged, not only with other students in Year 7, but with older students within their College. I look forward to our final College fortnight moving into the Summer Term alongside Year 7s first Sports Day, where we will see if Manor can defend their trophy.

During the Year 7 College day students enjoyed three main activities which focused not only on performance but teamwork and creativity to support effective functioning as a college group:

  1. An interactive quiz involving all students participating online in the theatre with a cumulative score for each college. Well done to Park for coming out on top.
  2. A sports competition involving Football and Benchball tournaments. Students were challenged to work as a College group to ensure they balanced their teams out and ensure all students were fully involved within each sport. Manor College managed to win the combined Sports competition. Manor College won the combined Sports competition

  3. An Art competition which required students in each College to work cohesively to produce an overall piece of work which was then displayed in the theatre for judging by Ms Jones. Please see below for Binswood’s winning effort


The second round of College Sports saw each College play against each other in a highly competitive Dodgeball tournament. Year 10 Sports Leaders were tasked with putting together a team for their College from Years 7 to 8 and it was great to see so many students take part in this after-school event and represent their College and demonstrate excellent competitiveness, sportsmanship and honesty.

The results: 

 As the total points for Croft and Manor were tied, Croft were crowned the winners based on their head-to-head result against Manor.

Moving towards the end of the term we have had a number of opportunities to reward and celebrate students who have engaged especially well throughout the term. A number of students have received R3s for outstanding contributions in both subject areas and tutor time over the last 2 weeks of term.

On Friday 24th March our termly Rewards afternoon rewarded the Top 50 students, in terms of Reward points earnt this term, with a Pizza and movie activity in the theatre during period 5. Well done to all the students involved and a reminder Reward points for these events are always reset at the start of each term to offer equal opportunities to all students.

During the last week of term we have completed our end of term celebration assembly. It was a pleasure to recognise students in the following areas relevant to the Spring term:

100% attendance- 98 students have not missed a single day since Christmas which is an outstanding achievement.

Achievement- The table below identifies students in each college that have achieved the  most progress relative to their target grades this term.


Reward Points- The table below identifies the students in each college who have achieved the highest number of reward points this term


Well done to all students who have achieved recognition in any of these areas and I look forward to a summer reward activities including our whole school celebration evening.

I would also like to draw attention to a fantastic achievement for a number of our Year 7 students within the English department. 23 students have had their poems published following their success in The Power of Poetry competition, run by Young Writers, an organisation that promotes creative writing and poetry for and by the next generation of writers.  Their work will feature in a poetry anthology, named ‘Hear My Voice,’ due to be published and available to purchase this April.   


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a restful and enjoyable Easter break and a final thank you to all parents and carers for your support throughout the academic year to date.

Mr Foxon