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Year 7 Update- Spring 1

We are going from strength to strength, with each student developing and employing the CORE ethos of the school. It is so pleasing to witness the majority of pupils being supportive, honest, having integrity, never giving up and most importantly, displaying enthusiasm. ‘When you can be anything in this world……be kind’, has been the underlying tone of this half-term, and it has been overwhelming to witness year 7 students displaying such heart-warming acts of kindness, towards both staff and students at NLS. The number of R2s students have received in year 7 is higher than I have ever witnessed in my time as a College Leader at NLS. Their simple gestures have gone a long way in spreading happiness in NLS. We have also continued to follow instructions and display a positive work ethic. This corroborates my opinion that despite my high expectations, we are able to achieve anything and develop the key skills needed to be a well-rounded individual. I am very proud of the students in year 7. It is important that I am helping them to feel happy at school as well as ensuring that they have high aspirations.

Year 7 Tutor Curriculum

This half-term, our year 7 students have learnt about friendships, respect and relationships. The curriculum focussed on; features of healthy friendships (including online), typical behaviour within respectful relationships and what to do if a friendship/relationship causes unhappiness. It was also important to address issues such as consent and boundaries. I have received some positive feedback from all tutors stating that our year 7s behaved in a very mature and empathetic manner. I am hoping these lessons will support them to make the right decisions in the future and build/maintain positive friendships at school and in the community.

Year 7 trip to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham

All year 7 students had the opportunity to attend a fascinating trip to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. They experienced animal handling and a rainforest challenge. The animal handling entailed looking at their exciting and unique animal collection! They had the opportunity to `get up close` with a range of exotic animals chosen from the following selection: Corn Snake, Panther Chameleon, Bearded Dragon, Lesser Madagascan Tenrec, Fire Salamander, Giant Land Snail, Madagascan Hissing Cockroach and Stick Insect! They got to learn about the special adaptations that these creatures have developed and the habitat they live in. Our year 7 students also competed in a Rainforest Challenge. They worked in small groups to solve clues in their backpacks to find out the names and information about our key rainforest plants. The students had to work out the secret codeword. It was fantastic to witness how enthusiastic and engaged all of our students were. Their attitude and behaviour was exemplary.


Whitemoor Lakes

I am excited to announce that we will be taking 170 students to Whitemoor Lake on Friday 1 – Sunday 3 April. I will be hosting an information evening on Thursday 10 March at 6pm. This will be an opportunity to discuss the finer details. I am hoping that this experience will be more than just a fun ‘school trip away’. As Year 7 Leader, I want to offer our students interesting and meaningful adventures, educational school trips and outdoor learning opportunities in line with the curriculum. At Whitemoor Lake, students will be exposed to a wide range of diverse and exciting activities from developing practical skills to outdoor educational adventures like abseiling, climbing, archery and team games. All exciting and fun activities for pupils to enjoy, but all chosen with specific goals in mind – whether it’s confidence building for children unwilling or unable to engage with their teachers and/or peers in the classroom, team building to encourage students to work together, or to encourage independence and a sense of personal responsibility for our students. For our year 7 students, I feel this residential trip will offer a unique opportunity for them to claim their independence, make their own decisions and build new friendships and make fantastic memories.


I am excited to inform you that our top 30 students in year 7 had the opportunity to attend a cinema experience in the school theatre. These students were awarded with this prize for accumulating the highest number of reward points in year 7. It was lovely to see them sat back relaxing, eating popcorn and enjoying a good movie. Well deserved.

I am pleased to announce that Alexis F has continued to reign supreme and achieve the highest Reward Points in year 7 this term. However Will K, Zac L, Max R and Zac F are still hot on her heels, finishing within the top 5. This is a fantastic accomplishment. Their ability to maintain their lead demonstrates that they have been consistent in their approach to learning. Taking on leadership roles within lessons, working above their target as well as supporting others are just a few of the underlying reasons why they have managed to be awarded so many points. Congratulations to all of the students listed below, I am very proud of you all.

Alexis F


Will K


Zac L


Max R


Zac F


Alex H


Daniel M


Erika G


Daniel P


Olly R


I am also pleased to announce that BW2 is the tutor group with the highest reward points in year 7- well done!

Year 7 rule!

When reviewing the data, it is clear that we have some incredible students that continue to display an exceptional attitude to learning and are therefore managing to achieve in all subject areas. The majority of year 7 students appear to have improved their Attitude to Learning in at least one subject. I am confident that by providing additional support and intervention, it will not be long before all year 7 students are achieving at least ‘good’ in all subjects. Well done to all students that continue to challenge themselves and work to the best of their ability, you are all a credit to NLS.

Parents’ Evening

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those parents and carers that have recently attended parents’ evening. As Year Leader, I am trying to ensure that we keep our lines of communication open and maintain parental engagement. We had 86% of parents/carers attend face to face/online meetings which is a reflection of your commitment, and I am so grateful for your endless support. I would really appreciate it if I could ask you to feedback on the organisation and structure of the event.

Valentine's Day

All year 7 celebrated Valentine's Day by sharing what they love about their tutor group. It was incredibly endearing to see how much the students enjoy so many aspects of their tutor team. I think it epitomises our year ethos this half term ‘ Be the person that makes someone smile today.’


World Book Day

On Thursday 3 March, students in Y7 and Y8 will be able take part in an exciting event to celebrate 2022’s World Book Day. Please see below for more information…

What is it?

To celebrate World Book Day, we have organised a book swap on a gigantic scale.

When is it? Where is it?

Thursday 3 March at break and lunch in the library.

Why get involved?

This is your child’s chance to share books that they love with others. If they take part, they will end up with a new book for free!

How to get involved?

Your child should bring in a book that they have enjoyed reading but that they are happy to swap for another of their choice. After bringing in their book, they will be given a ticket so that they can ‘buy’ a new book with it on the day. Their book must be brought to form and given to their tutor by Wednesday 2 March.

What will happen to any spare books?

They will be donated to the library or to charity.

If you have any questions, then please contact Miss Kellow on


Final message

It has been a very successful half-term. I applaud all the students that continue to sustain their motivation, passion and commitment to their work and year group. You all make me proud and long may it continue. Have a safe and happy half-term. Please look after yourselves and each other.

Mr Royle