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Year 7 Update - Autumn 1

Year 7 have made a wonderful start to North Leamington School.  Students have made the challenging transition into secondary school life really well and are now fully integrated into our school community. It was lovely to see so many parents/carers that were able to join us for the Year 7 Information Evening on Monday 16 October. Answers to a few FAQS that came through the questionnaire were sent out last Friday and I hope are useful. 

Tutor Curriculum
Noticeboard competition: Within Tutor Groups students have been creating College noticeboards to share key information about the Tutor Group and the things that matter to them. Judging will take place after half term with the winning group receiving a prize to recognise their efforts. Photos will follow in the next newsletter. We look forward to sharing pictures of the student’s creative work in our next Parent Bulletin.

Tutor curriculum: Students have been looking at Politics and Parliament to help answer questions they may have such as why politics is important? How the country is run? Who Rishi Sunak is? And to learn more about women and politics, elections and campaigning, the political parties in the England, parliament as well as looking at how they might create their own political party. 
With October being Black History Month we have celebrated the Black community's histories, traditions, and culture. It has been fantastic to see so many of our Year 7 students developing their confidence and leadership skills by leading sections of Tutor Time supported by their Tutor.

Literacy: Literacy is a key part of our Tutor curriculum to support the development of speaking and listening skills.

Information regarding the Tutor Curriculum, along with the Tutor Time Learning Journey can be found on our website via the following link Tutor Time Curriculum

Careers Curriculum
Year 7 have been introduced to the careers curriculum in assembly. This is a key part of the Learning Journey at NLS as we prepare students for each stage of decision making and the world of work. The theme in Year 7 is Discovery. They will take part in a range of curriculum and events that will help them to understand what a career is, how they can identify the skills they have and which they need to develop as they create a CV, why it is important to know about the Labour Market, what Post 16 choices there are, as well as introducing them to key sectors of the World of Work.

Botanical Gardens
As part of our International School status those Year 7s able to join the trip to the Botanical Gardens had a fantastic time. With the aim being an opportunity to get a taste of different natural environments it also enabled students to build relationships within their Tutor Group.
Workshops allowed students to learn more about how plant species have adapted to their unique environments by exploring the glasshouses to experience an authentic rainforest, desert and alpine garden. They were also able to learn about a variety of animals and their habits, even handling hissing cockroaches and giant African snails.
The staff at the venue and NLS staff who accompanied the students were really impressed with the behaviour of students throughout all three days of the trip. Here are some highlights of the trip



Rewards and Celebration
Celebrating achievements is one of the most pleasurable aspects of our roles so a huge congratulations goes to the following students for their outstanding commitment to their school journey by having the highest number of rewards.


 A fantastic total of rewards has been accrued across the year group, with 7PK01 in the lead position with 2200.  Reward points are rewarded for positive learning behaviours and contributions to school life.

Mrs Sarah Barley-Morey
Head of Year, Croft College Leader, CEIAG/Student Self Reflection Lead