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Year 11 Update - Spring 2

Year 11 students have had an incredibly busy but also very productive half-term in school. The focus has naturally been centred on preparation for upcoming summer examinations, but there has also been a concerted drive to provide all students with a positive Post-16 destination to work towards. Alongside this, we have been looking for as many opportunities as possible to reward and celebrate the consistently high levels of positive behaviours on display within the year group. As a whole, the year group has made huge strides since September, and everyone has really developed in terms of maturity and focus as we approach the end of their time together.

The half-term kicked off with students receiving their Mock results from assessments which took place in English, Maths and Science before the half-term break. Students received their results within a year group assembly, aimed to replicate the environment of their real results day in August. It was fantastic to see the positive emotions on display linked to the success and progress students have made. As always, the mocks are designed to identify specific gaps in learning and enable students to pinpoint revision topics moving forward. This process was further supported by learning conversations which took place in tutor time in week 3 of this half-term.

All students have been encouraged to attend revision sessions after school which have been up and running for a number of weeks. These will continue after the holidays on the same timetable, information on these can be found on the school website. Attendance at these sessions has been fantastic with a special shout out to Mr Dhesi and the Science department who have regularly been attracting in the region of 100 students to their sessions on a Wednesday after school. The ‘Passport to the Prom’ initiative continues to run to encourage students’ attendance at as many sessions as possible with free photos at the prom offered as an incentive for students who gain the most signatures. In addition, we have run a couple of ‘Pizza Nights’ where Mr Foxon and Mr Atkins have distributed free slices to students in attendance. Please see photos below.

Further reward activities have taken place this term, including distribution of £400 worth of Amazon vouchers to students who have demonstrated particular focus, determination and resilience over the term. We also completed our end of term celebration assembly on the final day of term where students entered a prize draw for demonstrating positive learning behaviours over the term as a whole. Students earned the chance to enter the prize draw based on 100% attendance, no consequence points and receiving the most reward points. As always, students were awarded in their college tutor groups.


Alongside preparation for the exams, this term has focused around ensuring all students in Year 11 have a positive Post-16 destination for next academic year. A wide range of activities have taken place thanks to the hard work of Mrs Barley-Morey and Ms Rhule (careers co-ordinator). Specific events have included:

  • One-to-one interviews with Senior staff in school for all students applying for 6th form and NLS
  • Individual career interviews for students with Ms Rhule
  • Tutor curriculum covering apprenticeships and information sharing on College open days
  • A careers fair in school on Thursday 7th April
  • Mock interviews with a number of employers from a wide range of industries

Students have engaged really well with these support mechanisms provided to them which have hopefully also acted as a further motivation to support their endeavours for the remainder of the year. The mock interviews in particular were a huge success and all the employers commended on the way our students presented themselves with a number actually being offered job opportunities of the back of these. A few photos from the day can be seen below:

We recognise the challenges all young people are going through at the moment with exam pressures and, in particular, for the Year 11s who may find the upcoming exams a source of worry. Please see below for some useful resources that have been shared with students in school. Getting young people to talk about things they are finding difficult is always a good starting point. In addition, please let relevant staff at school know if there is anything specific we can support further with:

Kooth- A free app that has some useful, practical advice to support day to day management of stresses and anxieties for young people.

Young Minds- A fantastic resource aimed at supporting parents, carers and young people

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for their ongoing support over the final few months of the year. Students’ determination and hard work always bares fruit come results day in August. Take care and have a great Easter break.