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Sixth Form Update - Spring 1

This half-term has flown by and the Christmas break seems a distant memory!
That said, students in the Sixth Form have done a great deal and, as ever, been a pleasure to work with and a credit to you as their parents.

This Bulletin offers an overview of:

  • Key Y12 Experiences
  • Y12 Parent Voice Update
  • Key Y13 Experiences
  • The Careers Event
  • A Sports Report
  • “Upstairs” – The Sixth Form Magazine
  • Key upcoming events and opportunities

Key Y12 Experiences
In terms of some key headlines, Y12 have:

  • Prepared for their current Mock Examinations with support via the Tutor Time curriculum and in subject areas
  • Explored LGBTQ+ Month – with an excellent assembly prepared by Isobel and Josie (Y13) our Assistant Senior Student Leaders Equality & Diversity
  • Commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Had opportunity to experience National Apprenticeship Week

Y12 Parent Voice Update
As you will recall from the last bulletin, there was some very good feedback via our Y12 Student Voice and from Parent Voice. With the latter, we encouraged more responses and subsequently got a far more representative sample – for which, thanks.

The parental feedback was very good indeed and we appreciate all the positives shared. In terms of areas to improve, there was very limited concerns and the one or two queries focused on clarification around Dress Code – something we will turn attention to later in the year. As said before, we will never become complacent and forever work to improve on our outstanding outcomes and provision – please do share with us any concerns or areas for improvement via the usual communication mechanisms (email or phone the school – Mr Taylor’s extension is 8414).
You may recall that in the Parent Voice survey there were a series of questions where 1 indicated a poor perception and 10 a strong, positive one. Key headlines can be seen in the following:



Later in the year, we will provide parents of Y13 students an opportunity to reflect on provision made over the last 2 years.

Key Y13 Experiences
In terms of some key headlines, Y13 have:

  • Completed the UCAS application process – 95% of Y13 electing to apply and producing some first-rate applications 
  • Prepared for their current Mock Examinations with support via the Tutor Time curriculum and in subject areas
  • Explored LGBTQ+ Month – with an excellent assembly prepared by Isobel and Josie (Y13) our Assistant Senior Student Leaders Equality & Diversity
  • Commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Had opportunity to experience National Apprenticeship Week opportunities
  • Had ASK (Apprenticeship providers) in as part of their additional Enrichment
  • Undertaken Safer Driving and Cookery sessions as other options-based  Enrichment – following on from the First Aid session which took place after the publication of last term’s Parent Bulletin

The Careers Fayre Event
With support from members of the Sixth Form Team, Mrs Barley-Morey and Mrs O’Donnell delivered a terrific Careers Fayre opportunity for the students in January. With representatives from a wide range of higher-education providers as well as those showcasing apprenticeship opportunities, both Y12 and Y13 got the chance to explore a range of post-18 options. Moving forwards, we aim to link Y13 with Y12 to provide supportive advice on their own experiences and how Y12 might best-access and understand all the possible futures available to them.





Sixth Form Football Team – Glorious Triumph Over Arnold Lodge Sixth Form
On Wednesday 1st February, on a cold, blustery afternoon, the storm force that is the NLS Sixth Form school football team took on the might of Arnold Lodge.
Match Report: Rowan M (Team Captain) & Mr Taylor

With a mix of Y12 and Y13, the established team that represented was Kwabena G, Dan B, Ben S, Matthew C, Rowan M, Jodhan D, Shahmeer M, George B, Cassian B, Ava B, Alex M and Max H. There was also an addition of 6 new players eager to strut their stuff and rally to the cause. These were: Thomas C, Adam S, Bede P, Oliver T, Patrick C and Tom LB.
This was a great opportunity for students to have fun and enjoy football while proudly representing the school.
It was a tense first half with NLS dominating the play and producing all the clear-cut chances. Cheered on from the sidelines by their Sixth Form peers, the team were buoyed by the terrific support. Alas, the score-line at half-time was 0-0. Even if this did not reflect the run of play, the fear was that all our hard-work would go un-rewarded with a win much sought-after.

Thankfully, NLS’s luck turned in the second-half.
Ava B offered a superb bit of skill gaining a nutmeg before proceeding to cross sublimely into the box for Tom LB who was waiting to fire it into the top left-hand corner.
1-0 NLS!
Five minutes later the ball bobbled around the 18 yard box after a period of NLS dominance and dropped fortuitously back to the previous goal scorer: this time, Tom slotted it bottom-left.
2-0 NLS!
Despite a late Arnold Lodge rally, NLS managed to hold out for the remainder of the game to be victorious!

The highlight of the game would have to be Tom LB’s celebration after the second goal ‘hitting the griddy’ (a dance move, I’m told!) and then high-fiving all those Sixth Form students who had braved the cold to come to watch.
Well done all.

“Upstairs” – The Sixth Form Magazine
Part of our very popular Enrichment Offer includes the opportunity for a team of skilled writers to produce a Sixth Form magazine.  The first outcome is tremendous: a real testimony to the students involved. This has been largely self-regulated and is a reflection of creativity, organisation, team work and more.


Key upcoming events and opportunities

  1. Y12 Work Experience Week
  • Will be w/c July 10
  • Students will be supported in largely self-directing their experience
  • Sixth Form Team will ensure suitable safeguarding and organisation
  • Sixth Form Team will launch with students in February
  • Indicative timeline is for placements to be agreed by April
  1.  Y13 Exam Leave and Celebration Day
  • Y13 will go on Exam Leave Friday, May 12
  • All things considered, this is the most inclusive and supportive date which can be identified
  • There will be a Celebration Day element to that Friday which is TBC but it is likely P3-5 will be off-timetable for some events
  • Y13 Teachers should be available in timetabled lessons until the last exam for their subject is complete
  • Y13 Tutors should be available in timetabled Tutor Time until the last Y13 exam is complete for any pastoral support
  • Students need to be available until Wednesday, June 28 for any exam contingency days – those which are used for any postponed exams etc – so have been told to not book any holidays until then. You will recall this date was shared with parents previously
  • Y13 Prom is June 30!

As said previously, all of the above is hopefully testimony to our dedication to the school’s CORE values and those associated principles (Safe, Happy, Confident, Successful and High Challenge, Deep Support) which we embrace in the Sixth Form.

Information has also been sent today regarding Year 13 Leaver Hoodies which can be ordered via Parentpay.  
Thank you for all your contributions and kind words.
We wish you and your families an enjoyable half-term and look forward to all the many positives after the break.