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Sixth Form Update Autumn 1 2022

It’s been a terrific opening term and we are really proud of how our students have made their respective transitions in to Year 12 and Year 13. We have had 125 students join us in the new cohort and we are delighted to welcome those new to NLS from other schools (15), those who stayed with us from Year 11 (100) and perhaps especially those students (10) who returned to us from other organisations.

Every student is made welcome here at NLS and we are delighted that we are clearly the organisation of first choice in the local area.

Part of this hinges on our amazing results (we scored the 4th highest in Warwickshire in 2021-22, including selective schools) and with an average grade of B+ it is understandable that we are so popular.

Academic success is vital.

We will never, though, take this privileged position as organisation of first choice and academic success for granted: we will continue to ensure that all students are treated as individuals with personalised needs that extend beyond the purely academic because we know it is when students feel safe, happy and confident that success follows.

As always, please do make contact with the Sixth Form Team at the school should you have any query, whether it be your son or daughter’s tutor or one of the leadership team: (Head of Sixth Form) (Year 12) (Year 13) (Attendance, Study and Welfare Officer)

Amongst other things in a term rich with opportunity, we have launched out Enrichment Programme for 2022-23 to Year 12 and Year 13 and are delighted at the enthusiasm shown for the offer. Some of these are teacher-led (sport, ICT skills, EPQ, dance & fitness, for example) but many of them are self-regulated:

  • Strategy Board Games
  • Reading for Pleasure 
  • Leadership 
  • Debating Society
  • Creative Writing
  • Sixth Form Magazine
  • Super-curricular Research
  • Mindfulness: Colouring and Painting

It is positive testimony to your sons and daughters that this has run so smoothly.

Our PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) programme is now a formal part of your children’s timetabled experience as we prepare them for life beyond school and Sixth Form. Covering topics such as Mental Health and physical wellbeing, students have likewise engaged with this in a laudably enthusiastic way.

Additionally, our assembly programme has focused on the notion of “High Expectation, Deep Support” and we have foregrounded Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We have then linked this with some key issues such as Black History Month and Cancer Research Charity Launches. What we have really valued is the proactivity shown (Be Proactive is Covey’s first habit) by students as they have led on recognition of things such as Black History Month and in the support of whole-school events such as the Meet the Tutor Evening (see below) and the Prospective Year 7 Open Evening.

We look forward to many of them also supporting with the upcoming Prospective Year 12 Open Evening on November 3rd.


As suggested above, the cohort in Year 12 is a thriving one. We have been delighted that so many students have ‘hit the ground running’ and shown the commitment to their studies which has given rise to their GCSE successes. We are sure this will continue. That said, we have identified a caseload of 20 students (referred to us by subject teachers) who are now in sharp focus for support from the members of the leadership team as well their subject teachers. This is all supportive (never punitive) and should mean that all students are on track for ongoing successes.

Meet the Tutor Evening
It was lovely to see so many Year 12 represented at our Meet the Tutor Evening on October 10th. We aimed to offer an informal setting for the first part where parents could enjoy tea and a cake and talk with one-another as well as the tutors and leadership team. The second part offered IAG (information, advice and guidance) which should have helped reiterate key messages and orientate parents. The final part was about personalised appointments for those who felt the need to speak at greater length on personal issues relevant to their individual child.

It was a really positive evening and cements that link between school and home which is so vital.


We are delighted that around 10 students have submitted applications to Oxbridge or for Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science – those areas where there is an earlier, October deadline for applications. We now move in to the critical period of ensuring all our Year 13 have clear options for the future and that all submit their applications by our internal deadline of December. Please continue to support your son or daughter in this process.

We are very proud of the student leaders who have helped so much already with the events like the Open Evenings alluded to above and in marking key events in the calendar. Not only will it support UCAS, employment and apprenticeship applications: it also links back to the notion of providing opportunities for students to excel in a range of areas. Soon, the remaining leadership posts will become available to Year 12 for applications.

Hopefully, all of the above is testimony to our dedication to the school’s CORE values and those associated principles (Safe, Happy, Confident, Successful and High Challenge, Deep Support) which we embrace in the Sixth Form.

Without parental support, all of this success would potentially founder and so, as ever, we extend our thanks to you.