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History Update- Spring 1

Year 7 
Students continue to learn about Medieval Realms. They have produced some eye-catching doom paintings and narrative accounts of the murder of Thomas Becket. They are now evaluating different interpretations of King John, in preparation for their next assessment.
Year 8 
Well done to Year 8 who have produced some outstanding essays on Elizabeth I. They are now evaluating different interpretations of Oliver Cromwell and are investigating what really happened at Drogheda.
Year 9
Students have started their first unit for GCSE: Medicine through time, c1250-present. They have been learning about the Black Death and have produced some wonderful posters on the theory of the four humours.
Year 10
Students have now completed Elizabethan England and have made a great start on their new unit, Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941 – 91.
Year 11
Students have worked hard in preparation for their mocks and have now started to revise Weimar and Nazi Germany. Thank you to Mr Bowker for producing the revision schedule and resources that are now available on TEAMs and G4S. There are also many different Kahoot quizzes available to test knowledge of key people, dates and events.  We will be offering additional GCSE revision sessions after half-term.