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Year 9 students achieve third on the Cyber Explorers High Achiever Schools Leaderboard

Last half term all Year 9 students gained an understanding of the main concepts of cyber security through an online platform called ‘Cyber Explorers’ developed by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT).  We were also fortunate to have had some ‘live’ lessons delivered by Gogglebox star Baasit Siddiqui! 

We are proud to announce that our students were placed third on the Cyber Explorers High Achiever Schools Leaderboard for October 2023 – congratulations, we are bursting with pride for every one of you!

As a Cyber Explorer they selected various challenges and joined a virtual citizen on a journey of discovery to a successful career. Along the way they learnt that technology is the future for everyone - it plays a vital role in daily life and almost all careers, but all technology needs to be used safely and securely. Students explored different scenarios and, through a mix of engaging activities from games, quizzes, puzzles to challenges, they learnt how to broaden their thinking, make smarter choices and develop essential cyber security skills. These real-world skills will be invaluable to them in their lives and future careers.

Through initiatives like Cyber Explorers, we are empowering the next generation to be responsible digital citizens and guardians against cyber threats.