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PE Department Update- Autumn 1

We would like to start by saying just how fantastic it has been to see a buzzing PE department, once again for students and staff alike. Gone are the days of restrictive activities and no competitive fixtures, it feels like we are truly back after a challenging 18 months for sport & physical activity. It has been fantastic to see so many students performing excellently in lessons, taking opportunities to attend extra-curricular clubs, and commitment to representing the school in competitive fixtures.

Upcoming Curriculum KS3

Please see below for a guide to what students in Y7-9 will be studying in their Games lessons after half term. This includes both indoor and outdoor sport delivered per group and Dance to G2 sets. All students in Y7 & 8 will study a block of Dance throughout the PE curriculum this year.

Rugby – Autumn 2 PE Curriculum Y7-9

All boys in years 7, 8 and 9 will undergo a teaching block of rugby following the October half term break. Students in 7x1, 7y1, 8x1, 8y2, 9x1 and 9y1 will have rugby during their First Games lesson each week. Students in 7x2, 7y2, 8x2, 8y2, 9x2 and 9y2 will have rugby during their Second Games lesson each week.

On the day your child has rugby it is vitally important that they come prepared. All rugby will take place on the playing fields, meaning kit is likely to get wet and muddy. The climate usually tends to worsen after the half term break, with rain during lessons likely and the temperature dropping. Students should bring their full NLS PE kit including socks. Students may choose to wear their long sleeved zip tops or rugby shirts and NLS bottoms. Students may also wear additional layers underneath their PE kit such as base layers and skins for additional comfort and warmth. Studded boots (either football or rugby) are highly recommended, alongside a gum shield. Both items are highly recommended but not compulsory and are there to support your child with participating safely during contact rugby. Students will still take part in lessons without these items, but as such do so at an additional risk.

Gum shields can be sourced through the PE department and purchased through Parentpay or directly in the PE office at a cost of £3. These will need to be moulded with boiling water at home and care should be taken to follow instructions on how to do this.

As the playing surface deteriorates and kit becomes muddy during lessons, we recommend that your child have a separate bag (additional to their school bag) for kit and boots to go in. We also recommend each students bring a small towel. We have showers which are accessible to students so that they may wash mud off arms and legs before heading to their next lesson.
For any queries, please contact your child’s respective member of PE staff. If you or your child are still unsure, please bring full rugby kit as advised above to their first Games lesson back after half term.

Illness or Injury Protocols

It is an expectation at NLS that students participate in every Games lesson. If students are suffering with an illness or recovering from injury, they will still play a role in the lesson, just not as a performer. This could be coaching other students, officiating, managing, or any number of non-physical tasks. Students who are either injured or ill, should bring a written note from home excusing their participation. Students should still bring kit and change where possible for the lesson.

Extra-Curricular Clubs – Autumn 2

Please see below extra-curricular timetable for Autumn 2. All extra-curricular sports clubs are free for students to attend, however students must sign in outside the PE office and bring PE kit to be able to participate. The NLS PE staff will only cancel clubs as a last resort; however should a club need to be cancelled, we will endeavour to communicate this as early as possible, usually through the weekly PE bulletin, which can be accessed in the extra-curricular area of the school website, or via the school tutor team.

NLS PE department have linked up with Leamington Rugby Football Club for delivery of extra-curricular rugby every Thursday after school. The sessions have been magnificently received by all students in attendance and the coaches bring a wealth of experience and expertise with them, making the sessions highly enjoyable for all. Years 7, 8 & 9 all have rugby fixtures following the half-term break and we are keen to see as many students there as possible, to make the most of the invaluable coaching being provided. The sessions are for both beginners and experienced players alike, and are always tailored to the needs of the students.

Parent Protocol – Extra-Curricular Fixtures

After a wonderful start to the school year for extra-curricular sports clubs and fixtures, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind parents/carers about after school fixtures and expectations.

Extra-curricular Clubs – Autumn 1

Clubs this half-term have seen over 300 students attend at least one extra-curricular club each week, with some students taking advantage of 3 clubs per week! It has been fantastic to see so many students take these opportunities and particularly for Y7s where new friendships have been made through sport. Alongside this, we have had 31 competitive fixtures or tournaments across year groups in both Girls’/Boys’ football and netball.

Next half term sees further fixtures across year groups for football and netball, but also fixtures for rugby, hockey, squash, cross-country and badminton. We look forward to more students demonstrating their excellence whilst representing NLS.

Cross Country – Saturday 6 November

The Warwickshire Inter Area Cross Country meeting will take place on 6 November. The venue for the race is still to be confirmed, those that have competed in the past will remember that the race has been hosted at Stratford upon Avon School in recent years. We are keen to send as many participants as possible to represent NLS, especially our keen runners and athletes belonging to local athletics clubs. Could those students wishing to represent NLS in Cross Country, please make themselves aware to their Games teacher. Prior experience of cross country is helpful but not essential. The PE department will be in contact with those that have given their names once they receive further details of the event.

Sixth Form Sports Leaders

We want to recognise the hard work of Sixth Form sports leaders who have supported with various extra-curricular sport and events this half term.

In particular Anna-Maria Kruger & Isabel Hanley for their fantastic representation of PE/Sport at our Open Evening for prospective Y7 students. Also the following students for their excellent support in coaching and developing younger students at extra-curricular clubs.



Patrick Callaghan

Tuesday (Football)

Yiorgos Manolopoulos

Tuesday (Football)

Emma Pulman

Wednesday (Hockey)

Niamh McClenaghan

Wednesday (Dance KS4)

Pradeeptaa Anantha

Thursday (Badminton)

Chloe Reading

Thursday (Dance KS3)

Joseph Scott

Thursday (Badminton)

Ben Parsons

Thursday (Rugby)

Alex Johnson

Thursday (Rugby)
















Mr Burt

Head of Physical Education