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Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors: The Journey So Far

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are now over three months into their Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme journey and are offering support to fellow North Leamington School students.

They started their year-long journey on the Programme with an offsite training day where, through a series of engaging group activities and discussions, they learnt the skills needed to undertake this important role and are now trained ambassadors.

Their message to fellow students is clear: bullying is not acceptable. Through a school-wide communications campaign, they are helping educate their peers on bullying behaviour, showing students how they want to shape attitudes and change behaviours, and promote a culture that celebrates and tolerates difference.

They are offering support to students who feel they need it and have set up a drop-in centre two breaktimes per week, where students can go if they feel they need to talk about face-to-face or online bullying, or issues around it they feel affect them. As upstanders against bullying behaviour, our ambassadors believe they can change things for the better and this supportive initiative is an important part of making this happen.

In addition to the support sessions, the group is planning a series of events to engage with students, so the anti-bullying message and their aim remain clear all year-round.

A big well done and thank you to our ambassadors (Lily, Eshya, Katie, Ella-Mae, Umar, Arush, Daniel, Claire, Archie and Zarah) for their team work and commitment, and for helping to make a long-term difference to young people.