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New initiative to help reduce our plastic use

After half term we will be launching some exciting new drinks for students and staff with our catering team. This will greatly reduce our plastic use and encourage reusable bottles at school 

Over 120,000 plastic bottles are currently thrown away at  school each year! In terms of harmful CO2 generated, that’s the volume of one Olympic sized swimming pool each school day. Many bottles still do not get recycled, and even those that do get recycled are creating more harmful CO2 into our environment at each recycling process.

The generationJuice Drinks Hubs are being introduced, which enable students and staff to purchase a large variety of drinks. These chilled drinks are mixed to order and then dispensed into your own reusable bottle. They are school compliant, vegan, gluten free, without sugar and use natural ingredients.

Students and staff will be able to help themselves, using the touch screen, to 6 different drinks. These include water flavour-fusions such as Raspberry Peach, Summer Fruits and Watermelon together with Tropical, Mandarin Mango and Cherry juice drinks.

All drinks are fast-pour and deliciously chilled. Our plastic bottle waste is then removed.



Student feedback, where generationJuice Drinks Hubs are in place, regarding drink variety, fast delivery, taste and value has been really positive.  We hope we can  reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment, one drink at a time.