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Final reminders for parents and carers

Please view information about the final day of term and arrangements for students starting back in September and our uniform expectations

School Uniform

As we move towards the end of term I would like to take this opportunity to signpost parents and carers to our uniform policy. Wearing school uniform is an integral part of our school community in promoting positive attitudes as well as high standards.

To this end, please be reminded of our expectations of student dress code, which we are keen to revisit as part of our return to school in September and are outlined in our uniform policy which is available on our website. Over the course of the last year we have supported parents and students in making exceptions to certain uniform items due to the closure of shops, demand online and financial considerations. However, from September we will apply our policy in line with previous years and we are keen to give parents and carers sufficient notice of this.

Whilst parents are entitled to source their child’s uniform from different suppliers, our uniform supplier Stitchtech have a variety of waist sizes whilst maintaining the required length of skirts.

We also have a second hand uniform scheme available for parents and carers- view more information


To summarise our uniform expectations:

School shoes must not have sports logos visible. Shoes must be black and have a leather upper which is polishable. Black trainers, including ‘Air Force One’ trainers will not be permitted.

To support with cost incurred by parents, if students are in Year 11 and have existing footwear items which are not compliant with these requirements, students will not be reprimanded as long as their shoes are leather and black. For all other students in years 7-10 this criteria will be non-negotiable unless there is a medical or Special Educational Need exemption agreed with the school.

  • Hoodies are not permitted in school
  • Blazers are expected be worn at all times except in the event of hot weather and in classrooms
  • Girls’ skirts are expected to be no shorter than just above the knee, and with the NLS logo visible (see recommendations for skirt length on the attached uniform summary)
  • Jewellery must be kept to a minimum (see attached guidance)
  • We are unable to safekeep valuables for students in PE lessons, therefore students bring valuables into school at their own risk
  • Whilst we appreciate that most students will carry mobile phones to/from school for safety purposes We ask that phones and ear buds are kept in bags during the school day. Ear buds are not allowed on school site. These items will be confiscated if seen

We will work hard to maintain good standards and ask for your support in reminding your child of this will be appreciated.

Uniform (Compulsory for years 7-11)

  • Black blazer with school logo
  • Black school trousers (no jean type trousers) or school skirt (just above the knee with  logo visible at all times)
  • White school shirt, long or short sleeved and school tie or revere blouse (no tie required)
  • Plain black or white socks or neutral/black tights (no patterns or frills, or socks over tights)
  • Plain black, flat, polishable leather shoes (no canvas or trainer shoes with sports logo, no boots)

Optional items

  • Navy school v-neck jumper or cardigan with logo
  • Navy ¼ zip long sleeve technical top

NLS PE Kit (Compulsory)

  • Navy/sky reversible rugby top with school logo or Navy/sky sports ¼ zip sweatshirt with  logo
  • Navy/sky PE sports short sleeved polo top with logo
  • Navy/sky PE jogging bottoms or leggings, both with NLS print
  • Navy/sky PE sports shorts or skort
  • Navy/sky games socks
  • Trainers suitable for sports hall and astro turf and different to school shoes
  • Gum shield, shin-pads and football/rugby studded boots

Excessive jewellery is not suitable wear for school and can be dangerous. Body / facial piercing is not permitted due to health and safety risks. Discreet plain studs in the ears are permitted. No makeup should be worn by students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Students in Years 10 and 11 may wear discrete makeup. Nail varnish or acrylics are not permitted. Extreme hair colour and high fashion/cult hairstyles are not permitted, including shaved hair below a number 4.


Final day of term: information for parents

Students’ final day in school this year will be Thursday 21 July, lessons will be as per timetable alongside a carousel of Year group assemblies to celebrate student achievements. Throughout the day, students will also be taking part in PSHE lesson activities focusing on key age related topics and sources of advice and support during the summer holidays. Students will be dismissed from site at 12:20pm, inclusive of those on school buses.


Start of term arrangements: Wednesday 7 September

Please see below for a summary of arrangements for Wednesday 7 September:




All years to tutor time.

Year 7 assembly


All years Tutor Time

Year 8 Assembly

Year 9 Assembly following Year 8


Lesson as per timetable

Year 10 Assembly

Year 11 Assembly following Year 10


As per timetable


As per timetable

Year 12 and 13 Assembly

Entrance and Exit points for September

As with previous years the entrance and exit points for students will remain distributed across our site for 2022-23. This supports with the management of predictable student numbers across entrance and exit points to the school, allows peer group continuity as well as supporting with the year group specific bike shed allocations. Please see below for year group details.

Year Group

Entrance point

Bike Sheds

Congregation point


Lillington Road

Y7 Bike Sheds by Design Block

Upper Gym (PE Block)


Park Road

Y8 Bike Sheds by the Basketball Courts

Basketball Courts


Lillington Road

Y9 Bike Sheds by Lillington Road entrance



Park Road

Y10 Bike Sheds at the rear of school



Front of School

Bike Sheds at front of school



Front of School

Bike Sheds at front of school

Sixth form area

Ms Jones