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Congratulations to our Year 12 students completing their Gold DofE Qualifying Expedition ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Congratulations to our Year 12 Students who, last weekend, completed their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Qualifying Expedition.

Over four days the students walked in the region of 75km (46 miles), reaching heights of up to 800m within the Snowdonia National Park all whilst carrying all of their kit, in some cases weighing up to 17kg.

They not only had to endure heights, distances and workload, but also heavy wind and rain and the soaking of clothes and tents that comes as a consequence of that weather. They did so without complaint all whilst dealing with aches, strains, injuries (new and recurring), blisters and swarms of midges at the campsites.

As students on DofE are not allowed to buy anything on the  expedition, all food and provisions they need are carried by themselves at all times and cooked each night on Trangia burners. Students are responsible for guiding themselves from start to end points on each day using their learned map and bearings’ skills.

To see them smiling at the end is testament to them as individuals and we are proud of them all. 


This is the first cohort of Gold students to go through North Leamington School.  With the expedition section now completed, they will now continue to fulfil the final elements of the volunteering, physical, skills and residential sections of the award over the next ten months. They have lots of work still to do but the accolade of receiving their Gold DofE Award next May at Buckingham Palace is getting closer.