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Celebrating World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day staff committed whole-heartedly to dressing up as their favourite literary characters. NLS was transformed overnight and played host to the worlds of Dr Seuss, Percy Jackson’s Camp Half Blood and friends from The Hundred Acre Wood. Legend has it that even an Oompa-Loompa, The Mad Hatter and Captain Hook were spotted on site! Taking away the staff prize this year were the PE department for their rendition of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

In Tutor Time, students enjoyed participating in a quiz called ‘Guess Your Teacher’s Reading List’.  Looking at reading lists displaying the books their teachers have recently been reading for pleasure, each Tutor Group was tasked to guess which department each list belonged to.  The winning Tutor Group in each year were 10BW02, 9CT01, 8PK02 and 7MR01 who have a chocolatey prize to enjoy along with an extra set of World Book Day vouchers.

The most important part of the day of course is embracing a culture for reading and we hope that students who have been given a World Book Day Voucher today enjoy getting lost in a lifelong endeavour.

Happy reading!