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Staff member responsible

Example Behaviour

Go4Schools Action

R1: Working Well

Update to parents from Go4Schools

Classroom teacher

World Class Basics

Parents automatically informed

Action: Member of staff informs child

R2: Going above and beyond in the classroom

Update to parents from Go4Schools

All staff

  • Good reasoning when being questioned by a teacher
  • Excellent leadership in a debate in an English lesson


  • Collaboration
  • Student Leadership
  • Excellent Home Learning
  • Showing independence
  • Being creative
  • Skills
  • Qualities
  • Standards

Parents automatically informed by Go4Schools

Action: Member of staff informs child

R3: Outstanding Contribution to the Classroom

Teacher hands postcard to student in lesson

All staff

Worked really hard on a scheme and this was demonstrated in assessment

Action: Post card handed to student

Optional: Phone call / Email


R4: Exceptional Contribution to School Life

Letter home from ELT member and celebration in Friday VT (fortnightly)

All staff

  • Supported with open evening
  • Star of the fortnight in tutor time

Action: Letter home – College Admin link to organise


R5: Head Teacher Award

Letter from Head Teacher

Head Teacher

An email was sent in to school by a member of the public, praising their help on the way home from school

Action: Triggers Head's PA to organise a letter