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Y8 Options Key Information

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

From September of Year 9 all of our students continue to study Maths, English, Science, Games, RE and PSHE for approx. 60% of the week.  Students began their curriculum journey in these areas when they arrived in year 7, so lessons will feel very familiar to them.  For the remainder of the week students have the opportunity to select option subjects from the wide variety of GCSE and BTEC choices we offer. The vast majority of students will select 4 options subjects, including an EBacc subject (Geography, History, Triple Science, Computer Science or Modern Foreign language).  Each of the subject pages details more about the subject content and the style of assessment in both written and video format. Some of these subjects will again be very familiar from Year 7 and 8, and others are new additions for Key Stage 4. As part of our curriculum ethos we will also continue to offer wider enrichment opportunities across the full breadth of the curriculum.

Please note all subject information is detailed as per the current specification and these can be tweaked by the exam boards once the courses have started. 

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Offer 2022

Core Subjects – Everyone will study


Students will study GCSE English Language & English Literature and gain two separate GCSE qualifications


Students will study and be entered to either the Higher or Foundation tier GCSE Mathematics


Students will study Science which leads to a GCSE in Combined Science. As an alternative, students may choose Triple Science as an option; this leads to three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Religious Education

Students will study a GCSE course in RE. We plan for this qualification to be taken in Year 10


(non-qualification) lessons on a variety of PSHE topics


(non-qualification) Physical Education



OPTION SUBJECTS - Students can choose four GCSE or BTEC Subjects 



Art and Design: Fine Art,

Art and Design: Photography

Art and Design: Textiles and Fashion

Business Studies

Computer Science

Design and Technology


Food Preparation and Nutrition



Media Studies

Modern Foreign Languages – French, German, Spanish

Physical Education

Science – Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)


Health & Social Care



Travel and Tourism

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc)

This is not a qualification but is the term to indicate that students are following a set of subjects that the Government defines to be a more rigorous academic education. Achieving the EBacc means students take the following combination of subjects: English, Maths, Combined or Triple Sciences, a Humanities (History or Geography) and a Language (French or German or Spanish.) Whilst we have many students for whom this will be a very suitable combination we also recognise that this may not be the most suitable pathway for all students.  

Whilst studying the full set of EBacc subjects is not compulsory we do however, require all students to choose one of the Ebacc subjects (Triple Science, History, Geography, Computer Science or a Modern Foreign Language). 


What to Consider

Choosing the subjects to study in Years 9, 10 and 11 takes time and needs careful thought. It is vitally important that students choose the correct subjects now as the choices are used to form our option blocks and we then arrange the timetable to accommodate as many as possible of these requests.  It is usually not possible to change subject choices later on.

Students and parents should refer to attainment and ATL data on Go4Schools when considering their choices, as well as utilising the information available throughout the Options process.

Students are actively encouraged to do some research to inform themselves, talk to their subject teachers and use sources outside of school. It may also be useful to think, even at this stage, what your pathway post 16 might be.

Whilst students will have already participated in careers guidance activities, our Careers Advisor, Ms Rule, is available to help with any further advice and guidance on appropriate pathways and choices, and can be contacted at:


Additional support for students with SEND.

Parents/Carers of all students who work with our IEN team will receive contact from them to discuss support and the most suitable qualifications going into Key Stage 4. Where appropriate, students may spend some options subject time working with the IEN faculty staff on a range of bespoke programmes to meet their needs, and support access to the rest of the curriculum.  


Questions students should also ask themselves:

• In which subjects do you find the work most interesting?

• Is there a career that attracts you? If there isn’t – don’t worry!


Our advice when considering your subject choices is to choose subjects that:

• You are most likely to work enthusiastically in and succeed at

• You think you will enjoy and you feel you are good at

• Provide a balance and variety so that you have a breadth of qualifications that will suit most pathways.


Additional Support

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